Faces of the 2013 WFRT

Wrigley Field Road Tour 2013 WFRT World Bicycle Relief WBR Buffalo Bike Josh KlineThe fourth year of the Wrigley Field Road Tour again attracted a range of riders. From avid cyclists looking to chalk up another 100 miles to first-time century riders. From triathletes training for IronMan Wisconsin who took advantage of a supported training ride to die-hard Cubs fans who couldn’t wait to wiggle their toes in the outfield or get their picture in front of the ivy.

What all the riders had in common was an ambition to push themselves and test their limits in the name of raising funds for two charities. To date, over $300,000 has been raised for World Bicycle Relief and Chicago Cubs Charities, helping improve lives both globally and locally.

Each participant – rider and volunteer – made the 2013 Wrigley Field Road Tour possible. Even more, each made the day a success.

WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour 2013 WBR World Bicycle Relief Chicago Cubs Charities Higher Gear Tom Ruth Anne Renaud Caroline Higney

Below are moments from the day that were captured by volunteer photographers and participants. (Click on a photo to open the gallery.) For more photos and a recap of the day’s events, click here.


Hardest 100 miles ever, for the best reason – for World Bicycle Relief… shared with friends and family who made it all count. What a great journey. – Ruth-Anne Renaud


Day Break at Wrigley & Ride Start


Thank you for a great ride and an event that we will remember forever. – David Wallach

All the volunteers were helpful and friendly, thanks for everything you did to make the ride easier. – Sheila Warden Kaczynski

Thanks so much for a fantastic and very well run event. – Liam Sean who rode for Triptych Brewery in Savoy, IL


Scenes from the Route


Great first century for me except for a leaky rear wheel that became a chronic problem at about 55 miles. None other than Todd Ricketts (whose radio ad talked me into the ride) helped change the tube at about 78 miles to allow me to finish. That just added to the awesomeness of my day! – Dennis Kelly

The heat was tough, but the volunteers went above and beyond to make sure we stayed comfortable. Good stuff! – Neil Versel

The ride was so well done. The support staff was great. And I had really good conversations with people. It was just an easy day – not the riding, but the experience. It set a really high standard for any other century I do. – Liam Sean O’Sullivan


 Rest Stops Along the Way


Thank you so much…was approached many times at lunch and asked if I needed anything…GREAT volunteers! My cubbie bear and heart balloon made it to the finish line. – Susan Boden

Everyone was great! At the rest stops, lunch, the after party, and the SAG vehicles, especially the last one, it was in driven by Todd Ricketts himself! When else would I have a chance to meet an owner of the Cubs and the head of this wonderful Charity? – Betsy Morehead


Legendary Lunch Stop


Thanks for a great ride and post-ride party. I’ve waited 40 years to play ball on that field!! – Mike Morehead

Good times! I got to ride 100 miles and my son got to play catch in Wrigley Field! Great event! Will be back next year… everyone made the ride very easy! – Matt Seeburg


Zero Miles to Go


The post-ride party is in the outfield at the legendary ballpark. There’s room to sit and relax, and enjoy burgers and hotdogs from the barbeque. Lots of people brought in their kids and played catch on the field. I mean, when else would you get a chance to do that? To top off the experience, they set up a small stage in the right field corner, and one of my favorite bands from Wisconsin, the BoDeans, played a concert… It was the wrap-up to a great day… But most importantly, the ride raised more than $300,000 for World Bicycle Relief.  Congrats to everyone involved. – John Garcia, The Running News Guy

Let’s do it again! Great ride. – Tom McGee



To see photos from the party on Wrigley Field, check out our event day recap of the 2013 Wrigley Field Road Tour.


Thank you to the WFRT volunteers, Leah Missbach Day, Andrew and Sheila Higney, Tom and Ruth-Anne Renaud, Larry Berlin, Catherine Watkins, WBR, Katie Snyder Bolling, and the many who remembered to use #wfrt to tag their photos for helping us document such a special day.





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