Gearhead Racing – The Great Southwest…Bartlett, IL Race Report 3

Season 3, Issue 3 – Gearhead Race Report

Higher Gear Gear Head racing teamThe day was glorious in the great Southwest. ToMo warned of wet. We stayed dry and the team raced hard. There weren’t any lizards racing across the course but we knew we were a long way from the North side and northwest suburbs as we drove, in some cases, more than 40 miles. Without a sand storm, the wind of the day did not disappoint, as it seems every year is a blustery one on the hilltops of Bartlett.

The Sunrise Park holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the Gearheads. It was three years ago that a rag-tag group of riders made the journey west. This was the virgin ride for the Gearheads and the place where all the fun began. The group included Elliot Wineberg, Ryan Mayotte, Josh Kline(riding the Poprad), and Todd. What most Gearheads remember is how that venue made Todd famous on the hill. He captured such glory that race, he even made it to the cover of the 2009 coffee table book. With a team going into the weekend in third place in the standings, we’ve come a long way and have more fun to make.

The day started with our favorite insomniac, Catherine, racing with Ron T and Nancy. The juniors looked great, with a memorable start, Tommy and Thomas charging at the start. Delfino is stronger each week and seems to be taking a liking to this new challenge on the round wheels. The 4As and 4Bs saw our best showing for riders.

The six-pack was a new feature of the course. I’m not referring to ToMos mid section, nor to the beers that Will Frame cherishes after a race. The intensity of six hurdles will not be long forgotten.

Heckle hill did not disappoint. It was more packed than the prior two years and featured a classic – the Farah poster. Omar with his crazy hand up bar – he is a master with PVC. His partner in crime Lucie that nearly got her toes in the spokes of the riders after the hill, eager to give out a hand up of sugar-covered marshmallows. The odd color of peeps always scares off the riders.

John Mosby made the call on the cuisine – Tex Mex – to go along with the geography in the great southwest. The food must have been appealing (or the food tent wentbust on chow) because random people started coming into the tent asking if wewere serving fajitas. We were happy to oblige.

The performance was without a podium though the team rode hard. Tommy captured fifth and right behind him was Thomas. Not in every week will the legs be true. Higher Gear Racing is now is 4th place in the overall rankings with 996 points.

Thanks to Nancy, Catherine (self-named SloWatt), Ron T, Delfino, Andre, Tristan, Will, Russ, JoMo, ToMo, Kellen, Thomas, Joe (celebrating his one-year anniversary of racing 4Bs).

As you head into your week, know that Cross is less than a week away and we are going to St. Charles for Campton Cross. This is going to be a great course forour team. Until then, SAVE the Whales!

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