Race Report: Hopkins Park CX

Each race in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series has its own unique flavor. Some are identifiable by the neighborhood or suburb they are in. Others have notable courses. Hopkins Park, the second official race of the CCC, is one of the latter. It’s the race people will remember as “The Flyover Race.”

Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC Hopkins Park Flyover


Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC Hopkins Park Andre OdendaalThe Chicagoland area hasn’t seen rain in a while, creating an extremely dusty course. A dry course like that divides the challenges of a cyclocross race down the middle: 50% power and 50% technique.

A racer who excels at the technical aspects of a course almost has the advantage on the dry Hopkins Park course race. Almost. The course also includes several long sections which are all about power. In fact, the Hopkins Park course is really a mixed bag.

The Gearheads represented in many of the divisions. We had people racing in the Men’s 1/2/3, Masters 30+, Cat 4, and 4B, Women’s 1/2/3, and Juniors.

Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC Hopkins Park Higher Gear






Speaking of Juniors, Higher Gear’s own Thomas Elliot had a solid fourth place finish in the Juniors race. Thomas’ race started well. After the whistle, he immediately slotted into fourth place. While the first three riders developed a gap in front of him, Thomas, in turn, opened up a gap between him and the rest of the field, which he maintained for the rest of the race.

Thomas has learned a valuable lesson for racing the CCC Junior division: to succeed, you must become good at passing the Women’s 4’s whose race begins 15 minutes prior to the Juniors’. While rusty for the Jackson Park race, and probably costing him a few spots there, Thomas is getting better at it. Honing in his skill at Hopkins Park, Thomas was able to maintain a solid fourth place finish.


It was a beautiful, sunny day in Hopkins Park and a day of solid racing for the Gearheads – who will represent at this weekend’s CCC race in Dan Ryan Woods. Don’t miss out on the fun!


Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC Hopkins Park Half Acre Daisy Cutter beer


And don’t miss out on more pictures from the Hopkins Park race. They’re posted on our Facebook page.

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