Proper Tire Inflation

Did you know that your bicycle tires should be pumped before every ride?

Of the cyclists we know who regularly add air to their tires before a ride, so many of them “fill ‘er up” to the maximum suggested pressure listed on the tire. (For those unaware, bicycle tires are marked along their sidewalls with suggested minimum and maximum inflation pressure.) For most riders, this maximum pressure is too much.

Over inflation causes your tire to “bounce” more over noise and bumps in the road, causing a much more harsh ride. On the flip side, under inflation means that you’ll be working much harder to get anywhere. It will also increase your risk for flats.

The suggested pressure indicated on your tire gives you a ballpark figure. For the best ride possible, however, you need to know what pressure is best for you. Just like your car tire pressure is determined by the weight of your car, your ideal bicycle tire pressure is determined by the weight bearing down on it, namely your weight. Here’s a handy chart that we use to determine ideal pressure for our own tires:


bicycle tire pressure chart bike ideal inflation



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