Oh, The Places You Will Go

A bike offers a sense a freedom.

Ruth Anne Tom Renaud World Bicycle Relief WBR Africa Rides Zambia Buffalo Bicycle Bike Higher GearWhen we hop on a bike, we’re instantly transported to that moment in childhood when we first felt that our world was without limits. We could go as far and as fast as our legs would take us. Riding off into the sunset was a real possibility (well, at least until the street light came on and it was time to return home).

Even as responsible adults – holding down desk jobs and raising families – a bike offers us that same sense of possibility.

The only thing is that sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We head off in the same direction. We travel the same route. Rides become routine. That sense of possibility narrows just a little bit, just enough to dampen the spirit of adventure.


Bianchi Intenso Impulso Thule bike carrier Beccy Higher Gear WilmetteHigher Gear has a solution to that. A bike carrier allows you to throw your bike on to the back of your car and seek adventure outside of your normal range. Whether you want to take your mountain bike down to Palso or up to Kettle Morraine or you want to take your road bike to enjoy a fall century ride in another state, a bike carrier opens up another world of possibilities to you and your family.

We at Higher Gear are big fans of hitch racks. They won’t scratch your car’s paint and they are very secure. If your car didn’t come with one, a hitch can be installed at your local dealer or garage.

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