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Thank you, again, to Ken Obel, for establishing the North Shore Cycling Advocates (NSCA) and for organizing the first meeting. Ken is uniting those those who have a vested interest in the improvements planned for Sheridan Road – cyclists and motorists, those who live or work in the cities affected, and those who use Sheridan Road to commute or for pleasure.


Organizational Meeting Recap

Baha'i Temple Wilmette Illinois Sheridan RoadThe first meeting of the NSCA was last Monday, September 9th. For those who couldn’t make it to the first meeting of the NSCA, or for anyone interested, Ken has graciously given us a recap of what was covered and a link to the minutes from that meeting.

Based on the discussion, the consensus of the group was to focus on a few areas in the near term:

  1. Continue to “build the list.”
  2. Advocate for Sheridan Road improvements.
  3. Build/strengthen avenues for local advocacy.


Learn what that means and get detailed information about each of those areas in Ken’s meeting recap.

What stands out most is the need for YOU. Advocacy requires advocates. Advocates are those who have a vested interest in our shared roads. You are an advocate. We need to hear from you.

Ken  started the NSCA with the idea of it being, fundamentally, a grass-roots organization. In that spirit, the more people we can reach, the stronger the NSCA will be. Speak up. Speak out. Get involved.


Multi-Modal Transportation Improvement Program

Bike the Drive Ride Chicago Sullivan Higher GearWhile the initiative affecting state-wide improvements is separate from the Sheridan Road project, it is related and is just as important.

IDOT will be presenting the latest developments on the first ever statewide Illinois Bicycle Transportation Plan. This long-range planning document will guide future policy decisions and infrastructure improvements to make cycling a safer, more convenient, and more accessible transportation option for Illinois residents and visitors.

Informational and feedback sessions will be held in communities throughout the state. The public meetings for the District 1 six-county Chicago metropolitan area will be held at several locations to give residents and businesses in the area a chance to better understand and weigh in on project priorities over the next five to seven years.

The dates and locations of these meetings are detailed in Ken’s recap.






Need Help? Have Questions?

Highland Park | 847-433-2453
Wilmette | 847-256-2330

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