Move of the Month: Stretch Your The Neck

A sore and stiff neck is a common complaint. Our necks can be strained from poor posture, such as hunching over our computers; cycling, a previous injury; or stress alone can cause added tension to our necks.

Here are some moves recommended by Chicago Chiropractic & Sports based in Northfield.

A N T E R I O R  A N D  P O S T E R I O R  N E C K

• Start by tilting your head forward towards your chest and hold for 3 seconds.
• Reverse the motion and extend the head back and hold for three seconds.
• Perform 10 repetitions. This should be a gentle motion.

L A T E R A L  N E C K

• Start by bringing one ear towards your shoulder and hold for 3 seconds.
• Reverse directions and bring the other ear to the opposite shoulder and hold for 3 seconds.
• Do not let the shoulders rise up towards the ear. Look straight ahead the whole time.
• Perform 10 repetitions.
• As long as it is pain-free you may add slight pressure to increase the stretch.


• Standing with your heels together and arms by your side, inhale and slowly turn your head to the right (gently not forcing it).
• Exhale and slowly turn your head back to the front. Repeat turning to the left side.
• Perform 10 reps on each side.

For more exercises visit: Chicago Chiropractic & Sports.

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