More Than a Bike Shop

Recently, we came across an article on Angie’s List about the 5 Other Things Bike Shops Do. This got us thinking about some of the requests we’ve received over the years and some of the tasks we’ve performed.


Flat Fix Clinic Women Women's Cycling Joy Sherrick Higher Gear Wilmette Group RideLike many other LBS, we do more than just sell bikes. We offer Fit services – with our Calfee Fit Cycle and Specialized BG FIT system. This is important for anyone buying a new bike or anyone who wants to be more comfortable and perform better on their current bike.

We also offer helpful clinics and services. Our annual Women’s Cycling Clinic is popular with local women and women who drive from far suburbs to take part in a fun and informative day. We offer flat clinics and even put together a video that will walk you step-by-step through your flat fix roadside via your smartphone.

We have group rides – from the welcoming to the challenging – as well as training plans to get you to your century, specifically the WFRT, at the end of the summer.

We can be a social hangout. (That’s why we have a place for you to sit when you come visit.) And we can be a party on wheels. (Hello cyclocross!)


But we’ve performed some services that aren’t at all related to cycling. Below are some of our favorites.


Walker bike lights horn bellSome that probably are likely not unique to Higher Gear include:

  • Use our compressor to blow up beach balls, kiddie pools and beach toys.
  • Order and replace tires on strollers, wheelchairs, wagons & golf carts.
  • Add “bling” (bells, streamers and lights) to walkers.
  • Repair wheelchairs.



Some that may be uniquely related to Fredo:

  • Throw extra food on our grill.
  • Unlock a car door – after keys were locked inside.
  • Break into the business’ next door bathroom – when an employee was locked inside.


And probably our favorite non-cycling related job (certainly Fredo-related and definitely Fredo’s favorite):

  • Pull out a loose tooth!


Peter Frame tooth pull


At Higher Gear, we have the right tool for the right job… and then some extra (odd) jobs too!

Come on in, pull up a stool, and check out our services and our service!


Peter Frame tooth pull Fredo Higher Gear


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