More Than a Bike Shop, a Community

In our eight years together, we shared laughter. We shared pain. (The good kind of pain, though, right?) We met new faces. We bid farewell to familiar faces. We shared our customer stories. Together, we forged memories.


Saturday Morning Group Ride Higher Gear Wilmette bike bicycle paceline

Higher Gear Gran Fondo Hundo WBR World Bicycle Relief 3 third annual Kenosha Kingfish Gearhead

Higher Gear Gran Fondo Hundo WBR World Bicycle Relief 3 third annual Kenosha Kingfish Gearhead










Higher Gear Saturday Morning Group Ride Belgian Smoothie Pepe Wilmette

2015 Higher Gear Rhythm Blues Revue Cyclocross CX Cross Race Wilmette Canal Shores Gearheads Joe Pepe Sullivan Larry Berlin










Higher Gear Gearhead Joe Pepe Sullivan Specialized Venge Bike Bicycle Racing 2016 Kenosha Criterium Crit

Gran Fondo Hundo 2014 Higher Gear Kane County Cougars Geneva Illinois bikes bicycle bicycling baseball











Above all, we shared a passion. Of course we had similar interests: cycling, fitness, baseball, good beer, great food, the Cubs… But our passion went deeper. We shared a passion for camaraderie. All those interests, really, just gave us a good excuse to get together Saturday mornings throughout the summer, weekend mornings in the CompuTrainer Studio, charity rides in the summer and late Thursday evenings in the shop. Our true passion, however, was for the relationships we built and shared together, the friends who become family.

At Higher Gear, we didn’t just sell bikes. We built a community. Our Higher Gear family.


Higher Gear Gran Fondo Hundo WBR World Bicycle Relief 3 third annual Kenosha Kingfish Gearhead group


As we set our sights on the horizon, it’s been wonderful hearing kind words from all of you. We value your “Higher Gear” stories and your best wishes. So we thought we’d share some of them.

Whether you reached out to us in a public forum or privately or even just wished us well in your thoughts, thank you.  Thank you to each of you who has made our community so special!


Saturday Morning Group Ride WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour Higher Gear


We will miss you. You have not been just a bike shop, but a collection of good neighbors and a big part of the community. – Michael Foradas

You guys inspired me to take up road biking and eventually participate in a triathlon- and I always had great service when I went into the shop- you’ll truly be missed!! – Letitia P. Mann

Larry Berlin WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour


Through [Higher Gear] I got my first and second Bianchi and my first mountain bike. Through it I learned how to cyclocross. Through it I have learned to wake up for 7 AM rides on Saturdays and for computrainer sessions as early as 6 AM all winter. Through it I have learned a new definition for fitness and exercise and fun.

Most important, through it, I have made the most wonderful friends. Riding together and laughing together and accomplishing goals (100 mile rides, many trips to the cemetery, rides to Wrigley, donations to World Bicycle Relief and so much more).

Thank you my friends, thank you so much for 8 wonderful years. I hope and plan on our paths continuing to cross all the time. – Larry Berlin



Will miss you for sure. Incredible shop, incredible people and a wonderful part of the community! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you guys and participating in the Saturday rides. – Scott Epstein

Russ Tina Hoefer Bike Tour Finder Cyclocross CX Gearhead Higher Gear Chicago Cup CCC


Thank you Higher Gear for the excellent race support (above), friendship, rides, indoor training, parties, and products. – Russ & Tina Hoefer, Bike Tour Finder

Sorry to see this guys, but big congrats on 8 years and being a big part of the Wilmette community. Thanks for inspiring me to purchase my first road bike and doing those crazy Wrigley century rides….incredible memories! All the best to the Higher Gear gang. – Tim Fagan


Kiki Demopoulos Dave Hessert Higher Gear CompuTraining CompuTrain Studio


First road bike, first carbon bike, lots of sweaty computrainer hours, and so much encouragement for someone who never considered herself an athlete. Thanks Higher Gear for helping to make my 50s fabulous! – Kiki Demopoulos



Thanks Higher Gear for hosting the Saturday morning ride all these years. I’ve met a lot of new friends and love to come every weekend to enjoy our own sport through cycling. – Chieu Nguyen

Sorry to hear about the closing. My wife wendy still loves the specialized globe we picked up. Now my daughter loves it. Thanks again and all the best Brendan! – David Tzau


Higher Gear Wilmette Saturday Morning Group Ride Joe Pepe Sullivan John McCormick Ed Brill

You all have become my cycling family and helped push each other to higher goals and successes. Let’s keep riding!

I’m not crying, you’re crying. – Ed Brill


Thanks for the fun memories. Best of luck in your next adventures! – Adam Lueken

Sorry to see you guys go! – Bruce Belrose

Best wishes good people – Brian Palmer


Higher Gear Wednesday Morning Women Women's Group Ride WilmetteHigher Gear was a very special place. I miss you already. Best wishes for your new adventure. – Margarita Hewko

So many memories. And many more friendships.Joy Sherrick

Sorry to see you guys go. Great shop. Good people. – Scott Wagner

You will be missed. – Nancy Owens

No. Thank YOU for eight great years!!!! – Lissa Druss Christman

Thanks for the memories, Higher Gear! – Tim Fagan


Thank you, Gearheads for eight great years! Celebrate every moment we’ve made and memory we’ve shared with us at our Closing Celebration, December 21st >>

More Gearheads say good-bye >>











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