Mechanics Corner: Fall Care for Your Bike

Stuart Ellington Higher Gear Wilmette mechanic bike bicycle cyclingHave you noticed that the days are more moderate, but the evenings are getting chillier? Higher Gear head mechanic Stuart tells us that the greater fluctuations in temperature cause air to bleed out of tires and tubes at a faster rate. What does this mean for us?

We’ve already told you that checking your tire pressure should be done before every ride. It is step one of your ABC Quick Check, where A stands for “air.”

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Higher-pressure / lower-volume tires, like those on most road or hybrid bikes, tend to need air on a daily basis. This is true at any time of year, but Higher Gear mechanic says it’s especially true now. The greater temperature fluctuations accelerates loss of air in tires. His recommendation is to check tire pressure more frequently at this time of year.

Lower-pressure / higher-volume tires, like most MTB tires, tend to be more forgiving, but a quick squeeze of the tire can be misleading (feeling firm, even if 20psi under pressure). It’s always best to check tire pressure before you ride.


As you head out to ride this fall, take it from Stuart: check your tire pressure! And take an extra few seconds to check your tires (even the sidewalls) for wear. After a summer of riding, it might be time to replace your tires.


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Not sure how much air to be putting in your tires? Here’s a helpful guide for tire pressure amounts >>



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