“Like Summer in January”

Have you been riding with us this winter in our new CompuTrainer Studio? Our weekend studio time has been filling up fast, with riders developing a camaraderie like we see during our summer group rides. One of our regular riders, Chuck Rice, sent us this note:

“I had a great time today with everyone there, it felt like summer in January! [The Higher Gear team] is doing an amazing job of making all of us riding there this winter feel like it’s a hot summer day … thanks so much!”


CompuTrainer CT CompuTrain Studio Power Group Ride Higher Gear WilmetteDon’t be on the outside looking in! Don’t miss out on the fun. Whether you’re looking to jump start your 2015 season, keep in shape over the winter or lose weight, we’ll keep you motivated to ride during these cold winter months.


Those who are up for some fun can join us in our friendly Course of the Week competitions. Every week, riders compete on a different course to see who can log the quickest overall time or the fastest lap time.

Ladies, join Sylvie and friend for mid-week rides on Wednesday and Friday mornings for more friendly competition and fun.


So far, we’ve had more than 100 individual riders join us for nearly 800 winter sessions in our new Studio – and the numbers keep on climbing! We just want to know when you will be joining us.


Register to ride with us in our new CompuTrainer Studio. Reserve your spot now!


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CompuTrainer CT CompuTrain Studio Power Group Ride Higher Gear Wilmette






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