Junior Race Report: 2015 East Tosa Gran Prix

Every race has positives and negatives.  Even when you win, there’s always more that can be done.  My race in Wawutosa over the weekend was a very good, humbling, thought-provoking race. 

Packed up in the “speedwagon,” I picked up my friend and new teammate John McCormick for his second criterium ever.  Tour of America’s Dairyland is a hard series, and East Tosa is its grand finale.  We made a plan for the race, and got on the trainers to warm-up.


We both felt very good going onto the course for our warm-up lap, but we were out of luck when we were staged to start in the back row.  However, our spirits were still quite lifted and we were both optimistic when the race began. 


Two guys missed their pedals off the start, and caused commotion at the back.  John was nearly pushed into the barrier, and started from dead last.  I weaved my way up the outside, but didn’t pick up too much ground. 

The rest of the race was quite uneventful for me.  Soon, I found myself stuck off the back with a group of seven or eight guys, and we were sprinting for 30-something-th position before getting pulled from the race. 


Meanwhile, behind me, John began to pick off riders one by one.  Every lap he’d be catching onto somebody new, and passing them the next lap.  He rides every day, and he has gotten quite strong because of it. 


In the end, my sprint turned out phenomenal, and I know that my sprinter-legs have finally grown into what I’m hoping for. 


We refueled with classic Wisconsin Chocolate Milk, and hit the Brat Stop on the way home.  We may not win races, but we have the most fun.  


Next race is July 11th, my return to Winfield.  If you want to get into racing, late season is the time to do it.  There are a few small crits coming up, Winfield being one of them, and we will load up the fields with our riders.

Then comes July 12th: Operation Win the Hundo.



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Joe “Pepe” Sullivan is a junior cyclists from Evanston, Illinois. He begins the 2015 cycling season racing as a 17 year-old, riding a Specialized Venge, named “El Diablo Dos.” Joe races for Higher Gear in both cyclocross and road. You can find him most of the summer and many weekends at Higher Gear.




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