Joie de Fat

Remember what a bicycle meant to you as a child?

Do you remember that feeling of the wind on your face? Do you recall how your street, your neighborhood and even your town opened up to you in a way it never had before? Do remember the sense of freedom? Do you recall the pure joy?

What Bicycling Feels Like


When fat bikes first appeared on the scene, people thought them to be a fad. But fat bikes quickly became mainstream. Fat bikes started on the fringes of society. In the outskirts of the Alaskan wilderness, they were a means of transportation. Now, they’ve become a means of escape for us city folk. Not just an escape, but a return – a return to that joy we experienced as children, exploring our world by bike for the first time.

Our Higher Gear friends and customers are experiencing that joy again. Below, check out some of the places they’ve explored by fat bike. Before that, though, hear what Michael Denker shared with us about “going fat:”


Michael Denker DeKalb Winter Cycling Salsa Fargo Studded Tires Winter Cycling Bike Bikes“I’ve done both indoor and outdoor training during the winter. About five years ago I was very into the whole indoor CompuTrainer thing… There aren’t many better (more efficient) options out there for specific, interval-type, you’re-not-allowed-to-cheat workouts. You can really dial in your effort.

Then, about three years ago, I bought a fat bike. And things drastically changed.

Riding a fat bike takes you back to your formative years. In my case, a silver and red Schwinn SX-100 with sweet, red mag wheels…

You get on. You can’t stop grinning. You look for things to run over – and then you go run them over. Sometimes you fall. And you get back up. And you keep riding. Just like when you were seven years old.”


Check out some of the place where fat bikes have our friends feeling youthful again.


Specialized rep, Dan Schroeder, enjoys a day at Palos with friends.

Dan Schroeder Specialized Fat Bike Fat Boy Palos MTB


Omar’s fat bike is as at home in the sand in Key West, FL as it is cutting through the snow in Wisconsin.

Fat Bike Omar Patalinghug sand beach


Fat Bike Omar Patalinghug Silver Lake Wisconsin


Friends ride across frozen Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison Lake Mendota Fat Bike Ride Bikes Winter Cycling


Michael Denker enjoys the quiet in the western suburbs after a snowfall.

Michael Denker DeKalb Winter Cycling Surly Fat Bike Ice Cream Truck Winter Cycling Bikes


Friends ride local roads – and off-roads – to enjoy Lake Michigan’s changing conditions in the winter.

Salsa Mukluk fat bike Higher Gear Wilmette Kennilworth Lake Michigan winter


Surly Moonlander Fat Bike Higher Gear


Fat Bike Salsa Surly Higher Gear Wilmette Kennilworth Lake Michigan winter


Looking to experience your youth again? Where will your fat bike take you?




Higher Gear carries fat bikes from Specialized (Fat Boy), Surly (including the Moonlander and Pugsly) and Salsa (including the Mukluk and Beargrease). With spring right around the corner, we don’t have many fat bikes available, but they are still available to order.




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