It’s Back. It’s Beautiful. It’s Better.

The January/February edition of VeloNews granted the “Back from the Dead” award to Aluminum. And for good reason.

Specialized Allez Junior Higher Gear WilmetteAluminum’s inherently soft nature meant that bike manufacturers had to make tubes extra thick to make them more durable. For years, aluminum meant heavy and harsh. When carbon came into the picture, it could easily be manipulated into shapes that were strong, yet lightweight and compliant.

But technology has caught up with aluminum. There are now ways to manufacture aluminum tubes to make them strong, but also thinner, lighter and more compliant.

VeloNews calls out the Specialized Allez by name as a “strong reminder of how much livelier a metal frame can feel when compared to a carbon version.” They find the Allez “lighter, stiffer and smoother” than some its carbon counterparts. In their tests, VeloNews also discovered that the Allez offers the stiffest bottom bracket, while managing to avoid transmitting harsh road vibrations.


2016 Specialized Allez Bokanev


Is aluminum back? You betcha! And it’s better than before.


Aluminum won VeloNews‘ 2016 “Back from the Dead” award. The Specialized Allez was our June 2016 Bike of the Month “award” >>





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