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We just reported on our most recent visit to Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, which served as a reminder to us that, by offering Specialized at Higher Gear, we continue to offer the best and most innovative bikes and cycling gear to our customers.


Specialized HQ Morgan Hill Higher Gear


What goes in to making the best? As any chef will tell you, results can vary, but starting off with the highest quality ingredients is imperative. So, what goes into making the best cycling products on the market? Take a peek at some of the ingredients that go into your Specialized bicycles and equipment.


Rider-First Engineered

What does this mean to you? No matter if you’re riding a 61cm or a 49cm, you’re going to experience the world’s best ride, tailored specifically to you. That’s Rider-First Engineered.


Specialized Rider First Engineering Carbon Layup bicycle bike components cycling


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Today, many are content leaving alloy frames there in the past, but Specialized is not “the many.” Specialized aluminum road frames are recognizable in name alone. True, they have a foot rooted in the past, but Specialized has ensured that they’re firmly pointed to the future through D’Aluisio Smartweld Technology (DSW).


Specialized bicycle components Smartweld Technology bike cycling


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Prevail Helmet

It all starts with Specialized’s patented EPS construction that relies on an energy optimized, multi-density foam. They use multiple densities of it to better assist in managing impact energies. When paired with an Aramid-reinforced skeleton that’s weaved by robots for incomparable fiber placement and accuracy, the resulting technology becomes nothing short of class- leading. Impressively, Specialized achieved this while reducing the overall size of the helmet to create a smaller profile that fits lower down on the head. Of course, this all contributes to a better fit, but what isn’t obvious is that it also makes for an extended level of coverage that further improves safety.


Specialized bicycle components bike cycling Prevail helmet


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With tires, Specialized saw a challenge, and their solution came with a single, funny sounding word: Gripton.


Specialized bicycle components tire tires gripton technology SWorks cycling bike


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Want more of the best? Stick with us and stick with Specialized.

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