How Ya Like Me Now? – CX Season

CCC Cyclocross 2010 Montrose



Bikes fill the park. There in the distance, I see the yellow police tape declaring, “Do Not Cross.” I hear the sound of cowbells and catch the scent of a grill being fired up.

What else is that I hear? The faint whisper of a megaphone and air horn? Someone yelling, “Take the bacon!” And is that a mariachi band?

It must be cyclocross (CX) season! And the Gearheads are back.

Omar Patalinghug Higher Gear Cyclocross Montrose Harbor first place




The Higher Gear Cyclocross Team (a.k.a. the Gearheads) have been out practicing their skills in advance of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup (Chi Cross Cup or CCC) series. Even for those Gearheads who race on the roads, this is a favorite time of year.

Andre Odendall Cross Clinic Circle of DeathThe unofficial start to the Chicago Cyclocross season was this weekend with the xXx Relay Cross down in Jackson Park. The team represented well with 4th place finish recorded in the men’s Masters 40+ and a fifth place finish tallied for the women’s race.

There are 12 official races in the Chi Cross Cup this year. While many of our racers will race in all of these races and even some out-of-state races, the Gearheads will have a huge presence at six of the 12 races. These races include:

The Gearheads are coming off a strong season in 2011, with a fifth place finish in team points, out of over 90 registered teams. We expect to be very competitive this year and have seen several of our racers “cat up” to the next competitive category.

For more information on the sport of cyclocross (CX), visit our CX page. Check out CX bikes we’re currently stocking and CX gear our staff recommends.

If you’d like to join the ranks for the Gearheads, simply complete our contact form. The team races hard. There may be faster teams. No team has more fun than the Gearheads.

“How ya like me now?!”

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