Higher Gear Welcomes Mrs. D

Christina Kapetan Higher Gear Chicago Wilmette Mrs DIf you like your service on the sweet side, stop in to Higher Gear on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday, when Christina Kapetan is just as likely to address you as “honey” as she is to serve up her signature smile. It just comes naturally to her.

If you don’t recognize her by her real name, you’re likely to know her smile and her nickname, “Mrs. D.” Yes, that Mrs. D, as in Mrs. D’s Diner. Fans of the Wilmette breakfast and lunch hotspot that opened in Wilmette back in 2005 will recognize Christina instantly. It was the combination of her energy – and her husband’s cooking – that had local families lining up outside the diner’s doors on the weekends.

One of those local families was Todd and Sylvie‘s. Christina and her husband wanted a restaurants where families would feel comfortable. In that, they succeeded. In their almost ten years  in Wilmette, Christina got to watch families grow and children grown up, the Ricketts children among them. “Their kids grew up coming to the diner,” she tells us.

A long-time runner, Christina first got into cycling when she decided she could make the trip to work at her first diner down in the South Loop by bike. She commuted on her old mountain bike, so it wasn’t long before she made the switch to a road bike. On her new Specialized Dolce, she decided to give triathlon a try.

Christina Kapetan Higher Gear Chicago Wilmette Mrs DOver the past five years, she’s participated in the Chicago Triathlon each year, as well as a handful of sprints, including the Tower Triathlon and the North Shore Triathlon. “I wanted to start doing something different with my body. I think that’s especially important as we age – and the bike is easier on the body.” She adds that triathlons fit her “OCD, multi-tasking” personality. “I really love them.”

If you have any questions that need a feminine response – like what to get your wife for Mother’s Day or for her first triathlon – Christina is happy to help. She’ll also be a regular on our Wednesday Morning Women’s Ride.

During her 17 years in restaurant ownership, she has been sharing her energy, her positivity and her smile with the local community. We are delighted to have her as part of our team so that she can share those same attributes with Higher Gear customers.

And don’t worry if you slip and call her “Mrs. D.” She won’t mind – and she’ll likely call you “honey” in return.


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