Higher Gear Goes On Spring Break

When Higher Gear and Gearheads go on Spring Break, we may not be filmed by MTV or have mug shots to prove of our escapades, but we do know how to have fun! Fun for us typically involves our favorite B words: bicycles, baseball and beer – and sometimes, when we’re lucky, a combination of these!

Check out our recent post about the worlds of bicycles and baseball colliding in the news.


Recently some of us were able to hit the road to sunnier locales and took a moment to snap a few pictures. We thought we’d share where a few of us – and a few of our Higher Gear customers – have been and have been riding.

Check out the gallery of photos (below) from our collective Spring Breaks. Enjoy!


Spring Break cycling Scottsdale Arizona bicycle map plan


2014 Spring Break Scottsdale Phoenix Specialized Roubaix Higher Gear





Interesting, though not surprising, to note the bicycle our Gearheads chose to rent (or carry with them) during their adventures away from home. There’s a reason we chose the Specialized Roubaix as our February Bike of the Month: she’s as fast as she is fun, making her the perfect choice for long, enjoyable rides in the sunshine. Whether you’re riding in a century or to a Spring Training game, the Roubaix will go the distance.

Learn why we the Specialized S-Works Roubaix was chosen as our February Bicycle of the Month.

Learn about the Specialized carbon that makes up the Roubaix frame.



When you’re out on your rides – wherever they happen to be – to tag us in your photos, #highergearbikes on Instagram, or post to pictures to our Higher Gear Facebook page.

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Special thanks to the Renauds, Larry Berlin, the Sullivans and Joy Sherrick for the pictures they captured on their breaks! When you’re out riding, remember to tag us in your Instagram photos at #highergearbikes or share your pictures on our Higher Gear Facebook page.



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