Gearheads ready for the last cyclocross race

Last year!!

We’re heading into the last CX race of the season (@ Montrose next Sunday), and here’s how we stand by the numbers:

Andre has already sealed the top step of 4Bs for the season – Congrats Andre!!! With 100 points separating him from 2nd place, and only 60 up for grabs at the last race, it’s all his. Personally, I’d love to see him race again, just so everyone can see him :)

Tommy is sitting in 7th in the 4Bs, and if he does race, Arlen is 29 points ahead. We also have Omar sitting in 24th, and Will in 33rd.

In the 4As, Andre is sitting 13th (actually, a tie for 12th), so get out there, and ride all out! We also have Tristan in 25th (who claims to have given up racing 4s), Omar in 33rd, and Will in 52nd.

In the Junior 10-14 field, Joe is hanging on to 17th, despite missing the past few races, and there’s only a few points between him and 16th and 15th. So get out there next week, kick some tail and I know you can bring home a top-15 on the season!!

In the Junior 15-18 field, Tommy and Tomas have 2nd and 3rd respectively. 1st has already been sealed, and as long as Tommy finishes and Tomas finishes within about 8 places of Christian (in 4th), then 2nd and 3rd are ours!! Kellen is also hanging onto 11th – awesome job, juniors!

In the 60+ field, Ron has 8th all but wrapped up – we hope to see you on Sunday to seal that one away.

In the Women’s 1/2/3 field, Nancy is sitting in 10th, with only one point separating her from 9th. Wendy Gaddey is creeping up behind her, so let’s get some Gearheads out there in the morning next week, get in Nancy’s race, and cheer her on! (Nancy, bring your game face). I’m sitting in 25th, only a few points out of 24th, but I also have someone on my tail. I’ll probably need some of that cheering too.

In the 30+ field, Tristan is hanging onto 42nd, and only 8 points separate him from 38th. Tristan, I dare you to ride like you did at the Norge Ski Jump race, and blow all these other guys out of the water!

In the team overall, Higher Gear is placed 5th, only 45 points behind xXx. For the majority of the season, we actually sat above xXx, so with some high finishes, I know we can pull them back. Let’s get as many people out there as possible next weekend to race and cheer on the Gearheads!!

At this point in the season, many places have been clinched, but there are still some places up for grabs, and let’s get HG in there to do some grabbin’!

I know it’s tough to be out there for an entire day, but do try to get out for as much of the day as possible – we will have riders out on course as early as 9:45, and as late as 4pm.

So bring your cowbells, your blankets, your twinkies and all of your Higher Gear paraphernalia, and see you at Montrose!!

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