Gearheads Arrive Early, Stay Late

We’re not even half-way through the season and the Higher Gear Gearhead Cyclocross (CX) team is shaping itself. We had a great outing this past weekend on the Southside of Chicago at Dan Ryan Woods. In true Gearhead fashion, we arrived early and stayed late.

As dawn broke, the Gearhead Google Group eMail was lighting up with a reminder from Omar of how far those from the north shore and north suburbs were going to have to travel. Clearly, it was worth it. The day was brisk and sunny, a solid day for CX racing.

Dan Ryan used to be known as Elvis Cross – back in the day. So, in true showman style the Gearheads arrived with our own surprise: the unveiling of the Higher Gear van. Brandon Olson and Omar are forever enshrined on the sides. What a sweet ride!

Dan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher Gear van


The team took on a very challenging course and came out ahead. We celebrate six racers in the points and one podium. Nancy demonstrated that she is approaching mid-season form with a solid top ten finish at 7th in her race. Thomas was the pride of the day with a second place podium in a growing and strengthening field of juniors.

Dan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher Gear Podium Thomas Elliot

Shout out to new addition, Mike Slade. He sailed like a rabbit of wild over the barriers, bringing all his bunny-hop skills from mountain biking and solid speed on the flat stretches. Another shout out to Joe (Pepe) for not getting his arm ripped off this race.

Dan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher GearDan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher Gear







Twelve racers in all made it a great day. Thanks for all the effort and laughs – Jeff, Bill, Andre, Omar, Nancy, Thomas, Joe (Pepe), Brad, Chip, Scott K, Catherine and Russ.

Dan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher Gear van Omar

People enjoyed great drink and food and lots of fun under the tent. We were proud to present our racers with the national dish of South Africa, bobotie along with South African curry chicken skewers. This was in honor of our team captain Andre and a reminder that we were WAY-south for this race. Based on how little was left at the end, the team loved the eats.

Chicago view from south LSDAs dusk started to draw near, and the Old Style began to run thin, we all loaded up and headed back home. It was great coming down the expressway and being reminded why it is called the “CHI” Cross Cup as we took in the beautiful city skyline.

Our racers are hitting their stride and won’t require any motivational push from the famous Matt Foley. Next week we’re headed to T-Bone’s PsychoCross race north and west. He’d better get ready for a van down by the river.

YouTube Preview Image






Join us next week when the Gearheads pack up their bikes and the tent for fun up in Wauconda for PsychoCross. It’s a CRAZY good time! We should have nearly twenty competing hard there. Higher Gear Gearheads arrive early and stay late. Who’s in?


Dan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher Gear Gearheads


Stay current with the Gearheads antics and see more race photos from Dan Ryan Woods on our Facebook page.

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