Gearhead Racing – Campton Cross Race Report 4

Today we made the trip west and south to St. Charles. The Gearheads took on the earth, braved the wind and we cooked over fire. What a great day.

There is only one race farther from our homes than St. Charles. In fact, the big race in January in Madison might be a shorter drive for some of our team. One rumination that the team had is how inappropriately named the series is; Chi Cross Cup. They hold a race where you pass by cornfields and cows. Chicago? Seriously? The only thing that made it bearable was the incredible course. This was easily the best course we’ve tackled and in spite of the elements, the team had a great time.

It is very fitting that some of the most frightening Halloween scenes take part in the woods. The woods of Campton were harrowing. For the women, it was making sure people didn’t drop in front of them. For the juniors, it was about holding their composure as they navigated the varied terrain. For the 4Bs, it was about serious uncertainly, as the spectators changed the course each lap. The bike was the same, it was just the earth that seemed to change. Just when you thought you had the line, the rules and the course changed. What a terror. It is a good thing UCI is unaware of the 4b race. Otherwise there would likely be some inspection of course altering tactics.

At times the cacophonous roar in the woods was as deafening as the fear of the unknown. This was clearly a course suitable for all hallows eve.

The wind almost brought a bend to our day as it stretched the tent. It was Rhonda who pointed out that our bikes on the edges just gave weight to the sail. Prudence prevailed as we brought down the tent before the 4As took off.

The rain began to spit and it was never too much to take, unless you were trying to navigate the off camber turns. While the weather was tough to take at the end of the 4Bs, the Gearheads, on Halloween, could not be scared way.

The juniors bring fear to the face of their competitors. ToMo took 2nd in the 15-18 and Thomas delivered a demanding 3rd. There was heavy weight for the Gearheads on the podium. Joe delivered a top 10 with 9th in the 10-14.

ToMo frightened the field with a 2nd place podium in the 4Bs. Without a mechanical, Andre would surely have joined him.

We had lots of fun with the food. Thai was the theme and, as we drove to the park, some of us felt like we were driving to Thailand.

Thanks to Andre, CWat (Catherine), Ron T, Cindy, Bob, Jeff, Mountain-bike-Will, Russ, Jimmy, Pepe, ToMo, Thomas, Kellen and LitlMo. It was a great day.

The sound of the race report is brought you by our newest racer – Jeff. He came out from the south loop to tackle the course. His choice in Halloween fashion took us all the way back to 1979. With the coolest fro in the 4Bs, young Jeffery reminded us that, sadly, cross is only for the weekend. But Sunday is a boogie wonderland.

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