Featured Commuter: Carol Coplan Babbitt

Carol Coplan Babbitt
Wilmette Mother of 3 and Attorney

HG: How frequently do you commute to work?
CCB: From approx April through November, I try to commute on a bike once per week (of the 4 days I go to my office). It’s generally the best weather day of that week.

HG: What’s the lowest temperature you’ll ride your bike in?
CCB: I won’t ride if it’s in any way icy on the pavement and I will not ride below 45 degrees.

HG: How far is your commute?
CCB: I believe it is 16 miles 1 way, this could be optimistic. So 32 mile roundtrip.

HG: How long does it take you to make that commute?
CCB: Around an hour and 12 minutes.

HG: How long does it take you to get to work when you don’t take your bike?
CCB: At least 50 minutes.

HG: Describe your route.
CCB: I take Hinman or the bike path into the city, through Rogers park and Loyola on Sheridan to Ardmore, to the Chicago lakefront bike path to the river walk path that goes under Michigan Ave, to Lower Wacker and into my building garage.

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HG: What is your commuter bike?
CCB: Specialized Dolce Elite.

HG: Is that your only bike?
CCB: I have an old Bianchi that I use for kid and parent rides.

HG: What is your most important cycling item, the one you won’t commute without?
CCB: Back flashing lights so cars can see me.

HG: Any tips for people considering commuting by bike?
CCB: 1. Be willing to give up showering until you are back home.
2. Make sure your building has indoor bike storage. 3. Never attempt to ride in clothes you intend to wear at work.

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