What’s the Difference between CompuTraining and Spinning?

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With the shorter days and inclement weather of winter already here, devoted cyclists may be wondering if it’s time to hang up their bikes and look for a good indoor cycling workout to get them through the off-season. Two of the most well-known are CompuTrainer training (or what we like to call CompuTraining) and spinning.

While both seem similar and offer the kind of camaraderie that comes with exercising with a group of like-minded folk, CompuTraining and spinning are different in some very fundamental ways. Here’s the breakdown:

  CompuTraining Spinning
Training Experience A trainer guides a group of 8 or less through a simulated cycling session of a customized course or actual bike competition courses displayed on a large flat-panel monitor and provides each individual with coaching on proper technique and training. An instructor guides a group of 20 to 30 through an imaginary bike course set to music, and in general, the class size and setup do not allow for individual coaching on proper technique and training.
Workout Benefits An effective endurance workout that builds power and improves speed for outdoor cycling. A fun aerobic or recovery workout, but does not build power or improve speed for outdoor cycling.
Output Measurement Real-time data on heart rate, wattage, pedal stroke, and cadence to assess and improve overall cycling efficiency. Heart rate to assess the intensity of the workout.
Equipment Ride your own bike with your own shoes and cleats, so that training is not only informed by real-time data, but also by a critical real-world variable—your personal biking equipment. Ride on a stationary bike, oftentimes upright and oversized, which does not allow you to optimize your outdoor cycling efficiency, because you use your muscles differently than you would on your personal biking equipment.
Workout Customization The workout is based on your own anaerobic threshold, so everyone will have a workout based on their individual capacity and power. Change a limited number of workout variables, such as resistance, without precision.
Performance Visibility
Your actual exertion and cycling efficiency are visible as real-time data of your output is displayed on a large flat-panel monitor. Your actual exertion and cycling efficiency are unknown, because the only real-time data is your heart rate displayed on your bike panel.

In short, CompuTraining provides effective endurance training and precise real-time data for cyclists who want to optimize their outdoor cycling performance in a way that spinning just can’t. But while the technology behind CompuTraining may seem intimidating, Higher Gear is committed to making your session a fulfilling one, whether you’re a cycling professional or just getting started. That’s why we offer expert guidance to help you understand the data and apply it. So you can improve your technique and performance, no matter what your individual fitness level, in a friendly, supportive environment. How far you take your training is up to you—but the sky’s the limit!

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