De-sogging Cycling Shoes

April showers may bring May flowers, but while they’re passing through, they leave us soggy.


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Whether you’ve been caught out in the rain or hit a few post-rain puddles, you can avoid putting on wet – and smelly – cycling shoes for your next ride, by following these simple instructions. (We know you exhausted yourself on your ride. Don’t worry, this process won’t take more than a minute or two of your time.)


Step 1: Remove shoe liner. Your cycling shoes are likely designed to breathe, but the quickest way to dry out the shoe liner is to remove it. This will allow the rest of the shoe to dry more quickly, but will also help prevent mildew, bacteria and bad odor from taking over your shoes.

By the way, don’t put the liner in the dryer or on a radiator. (We’ve seen a few shrunken liners in our day.)


Specialized Women Pro Road white cycling bike shoe cliplessStep 2: Crumple up sheets of newspaper to stuff inside your shoes. Use one or two sheets per shoe, enough to fill the entire shoe, without over-stuffing it. The paper should be loosely crumpled and not crammed into the shoe – to allow some air to flow through the shoes. While you’re at it, loosen the shoes and pull out the tongue (where applicable) as far as it will go to encourage ventilation.


Step 3: Wait a couple hours, then remove the newspaper. The newspaper will have absorbed water from inside your shoes. Feel around the inside of the shoes. If they’re dry, you’re done. If they’re still wet, repeat Step 2. If your shoes are soaked through, you may need to repeat Step 2 a few times.

Be certain to remove the newspaper and not leave it inside your shoes for too long, or you’ll be in the same soggy, stinky mess you would have been had you not taken the extra effort with the newspaper.


That’s it! We told you it was quick and easy!

If you come home from a ride with muddy shoes, rinse them off right away and then follow up with the same process to dry them out.


By the way, this process works on other types of shoes, also – from your running shoes to your everyday shoes. Now, you have no excuse for having soggy or stinky shoes, right?


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