Cyclocross National Championships

Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Jeremy Powers Rapha Focus


The USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships return to “Madtown” in 2013, just under a month before the Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY (February 1st – 3rd). Nationals take place Wednesday through Sunday, January 9th – 13th nearby at Badger Prairie State Park in Verona, WI.

The nation’s best cyclocross racers, ages 10 and up, will be there for their chance to compete. The highlight of the five days of racing, of course, will be Sunday, Jan. 13 when the best of the best show up to test their mettle. The Female Elite/Pro race is scheduled to begin at 1:00pm Sunday. The Male Elite/Pro race gets off at 2:15pm.


Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Jeremy Powers Rapha FocusCourse

A glance at the course map reveals what appears to be the same course as last year. A spin around the soccer fields, then past the pit before heading way out yonder in the fields. The course will go uphill and then back downhill before reaching the long railroad tie run-up. Some more maneuvering on the hills before approaching the barriers. Riders will pass the pit again before the few tight turns around the trees and a trip through the long sandpit. One last turn in the hilly terrain before coming through to the final bend on the pavement and through the straightaway. The course measures just under two miles.


Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 JanuaryWhile the course appears to be the same as last year’s, it may look nothing like it did then – when early morning frosts turned the frozen course into muddy fields by the end of day. This year’s race could be colder and feature more snow than last year. Last report was of at least one foot of snow on the ground with more expected before Nationals begin. Then again, if the warmer weather and rain roll in this week as expected, the Badger Prairie State Park course could be even more of a rutted mess and mud fest than last year. Imagine that!


Cyclocross National Championship Madison Wisconsin Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Katie Compton CX Champion WomenElite/Pro Racing

Leading the women’s field will be eight-time and current National Champion, Katie Compton (Colorado Springs, CO/Trek Cyclocross Collective). Local Kaitlin Antonneau (Racine, WI/Cannondale p/b, who won the U23 National Championship last year, will attempt to dethrone Compton. Also in the field of competitors this year is Georgia Gould (Fort Collins, CO/LUNA Pro Team), the bronze medalist for Women’s Mountain Biking at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Kaitlin AntonneauOthers challenging Compton are Crystal Anthony (Beverly, MA/Cannondale Cyclocrossworld), Arley Kemmerer (Saylorsburg, PA/C3-Athletes Serving Athletes), Laura van Gilder (Cresco, PA/Mellow Mushroom), and Meredith Miller (Boulder, CO/California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized).


Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Jeremy Powers Rapha Focus Win Champion


The men’s race features a deeply packed field of powerful riders. Returning this year for an attempt to reclaim his title as National Champion is Jeremy Powers (Easthampton, MA/Team Rapha-Focus), VeloNews’ 2011 North American Cyclocross Rider of the Year.

Pursuing Powers is two-time USA Cycling Cyclocross National Champion, Ryan Trebon (Bend, OR/Cannondale-Clement), who lost to Powers by 17 seconds last year. Also hoping to dethrone Powers are Timothy Johnson (Middleton, MA/Cannondale p/b, Jonathan Page (Northfield, NH/Planet Bike), Jeremy Durrin (Amherst, MA/JAM Fund-NCC-Vittoria-Tenet Racing) and local rider Matt Shriver (Madison, WI/Trek Cyclocross Collective).


Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison Wisconsin WI Cannondale 2012 JanuaryFive Days of Racing

Racing will be heated at all levels at the National Championships. Saturday, especially, is looking to be an exciting day. The winners of the Male U23 and Male Juniors 17-18 each receive an automatic nomination to the American contingent contesting the 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championship in Louisville.


Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Kaitlin Anonneau Nicole Duke CannondaleThe schedule begins Wednesday with Non-Championship racing and builds to an exciting weekend. Thursday is all Masters racing. Masters racing continues into Friday when the Junior racing begins. Female Collegiate racing takes place Saturday with the remainder of the Junior and Masters racing. Male Collegiate racing is Sunday before the Elite/Pro races begin at 1:00pm.

Cyclocross National Championship CX Madison WI Badger Prairie State Park 2012 January Higher Gear Gearhead Tommy Mosby



Watch for fellow Gearheads competing this week. Nancy Heymann, Andre Odendaal, Mike Slade, Catherine Watkins and others will be representing Higher Gear at Badger Prairie State Park. Also keep an eye out Saturday for father/son duo and former Gearheads (now east coast CX stars) Tommy Mosby (a/k/a ToMo) and John Mosby (a/k/a SloMo). We’re looking forward to seeing how a year competing on the east coast has matured these fellows.



9:30am CX Female Non-Championship 40 mins
10:30am CX Male Non-Championship 10-29 40 mins
11:30am CX Male Non-Championship 30-39 40 mins
1:00pm CX Male Non-Championship 40-49 40 mins
2:00pm CX Female Single Speed 40 mins
3:00pm CX Male Single Speed 40 mins


9:30am CX Male Master 60-64 40 mins
9:31am CX Male Master 65-69 40 mins
9:32am CX Male Master 70+ 40 mins
10:30am CX Female Master 55-59 35 mins
10:31am CX Female Master 60+ 35 mins
11:30am CX Female Master 45-49 35 mins
11:31am CX Female Master 50-54 35 mins
1:00pm CX Female Master 40-44 Cat 1/2/3 40 mins
2:00pm CX Male Master 55-59 40 mins
3:00pm CX Male Master 50-54 Cat 1/2/3 45 mins


9:30am CX Male Master 45-49 Cat 1/2/3 45 mins
10:30am CX Female Junior 13-14 20 mins
11:15am CX Female Junior 17-18 30 mins
11:16am CX Female Junior 15-16 30 mins
12:00pm CX Male Junior 10-12 20 mins
12:01pm CX Female Junior 10-12 20 mins
12:45pm CX Male Junior 13-14 20 mins
1:30pm CX Male Junior 15-16 30 mins
2:15pm CX Female Master 30-34 Cat 1/2/3 40 mins
3:15pm CX Female Master 35-39 Cat 1/2/3 40 mins


9:30am CX Male Master 40-44 Cat 1/2/3 45 mins
10:30am CX Male Junior 17-18 Cat 1/2/3 40 mins
12:00pm CX Female Collegiate Division 1 40 mins
12:01pm CX Female Collegiate Division 2 40 mins
1:00pm CX Males U23 19-22 50 mins
2:00pm CX Male Master 35-39 Cat 1/2/3 45 mins
3:00pm CX Male Master 30-34 Cat 1/2/3 45 mins


9:30am CX Male Collegiate Division 2 50 mins
10:30am CX Male Collegiate Division 1 50 mins
1:00pm CX Female Elite/U23 17+ Pro/Cat 1/2/3 40 mins
2:00pm CX Male Elite 19+ Pro/Cat 1/2 60 mins


Wear lots of layers to protect yourself from the rain and the cold and don’t forget to pack your Higher Gear cowbell! For those who cannot make the trip three hours north, USA Cycling’s YouTube channel will be streaming Sunday’s two Elite/Pro races.

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