CX Race Report: ABD Sunrise Park

Chicago Cyclocross Cup, CCC, ABD Sunrise Park, Higher Gear, Gearheads, Jimmy HoeferThe Chicago Cyclocross Cup this past weekend brought the Higher Gear Gearheads out to beautiful Barlett, IL. What made this day especially beautiful was the weather. It was a gorgeous day for cross – warm though, thanks to the recent rain, not too dry and dusty.  Some said the day was almost like sunbathing. Omar reported that he even got a bit of a tan.

The day was also beautiful because Barlett is the place where the Gearheads initially came together as a team, just three years ago. The team has developed well and has come so far in those three short years.

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Barlett promised to show the diversity of courses in the Chi Cross Cup and changes to the course design were planned. The course was certainly different than the previous years. There was a solid mix of straight-aways and turns. There was also a technical section just before the famed heckle hill. Some reported that the course turned out to be more technical than in prior years. There were still enough open sprints for the power guys in the Gearheads to make their passes.

Nancy Heyman continues to get stronger. On Sunday, she raced hard and is currently showing in 13th place in the Chi Cross Cup. The Cat 3 race offered a very interesting twist as Andre and Tristan battled it out. Andre pushed hard and delivered a solid show with a top 20 finish.  Omar lined up 54th in his race and finished 45th. This puts him in a good position for next race.

The group to watch is always the 4s. These are the racers of the future. As you look at the folks racing 4A and 4B for the Gearheads today, they look strikingly similar to our Cat 3 and Masters racers this year. Mike Slade rode very strong and now is in 9th place in the 4B category for the Chi Cross Cup. Courses do matter and his points have varied by races. He should do extremely well in St. Charles this weekend. We were delighted to see he brought a new recruit with him to the Gearheads, all the way from Wisconsin.

Chicago Cyclocross Cup, CCC, ABD Sunrise Park, Higher Gear, Gearheads, 4b

In the end, all the Gearhead racers were satisfied with their results. Omar led the celebration with his typical selection of craft beer. Omar always brings the craft beers because he believes they are brewed for sharing.


If you are still thinking about getting out and riding with the Higher Gear Gearheads, just take Omar’s direction and do it! Omar declares, “Get a bike, any bike,” and come out and have some fun.

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