Gearhead Racing – Jackson Park Race Report

Season 3 – Issue 1 

Today’s race report starts with a gentle shower that began at 5:00 AM.  It wasn’t enough to damage the spirits of those that woke from dreams of bike racing.  It provided enough dampness on the ground to ease the lungs of young Omar, who so desperately cursed the good weather, dust and sun, of last year’s cross season.

Upon loading up the car with all the wares we needed for a great day, I jumped in and headed south, the smells of German food filling the car.  As I turned to Lake Shore Drive, every third car was adorned with a handsome bike on the back.  If you looked closely, you could see the smiles on the faces of the bikes.  Eager smiles, like those of young children, sitting forward on their seats, in anticipation of a roller coaster ride.  The Masis, Specialized, Scotts and Sevens were all eager for a go.

The technical tips came in early on eMail from Catherine and she was certain that, “Omar and the Juniors,” would have the benefit.  Not only did she give tips that would save our hearty souls, she also coined the name of our next great band.

As each race went off, the hearts of racers were pounding and the crowd was ready for the thrill and carnage.  Catherine was our first racer and Sylvie showed great promise for what is the come in the season.  Nervousness gave way to fierce competitive spirit at with the first ounce of pressure on the pedal.

The best hand-up of the day goes to Brandon Olson.  It wasn’t bacon.  It wasn’t jerky nor a Twinkie.  It was a generous hand-up collected by Nick Goosen.  After coming over the first jump, he landed with the chain draping the ground.  All he could do was look to the Higher Gear tent screaming, “I NEED A BIKE.”

Brandon Olson quickly sprang into action and grabbed Tommy Mosby’s bike.  It did what it needed to, carrying Nick for a single lap while Brandon took a pedal wrench and banged the chain ring until it would hold the chain.  Nick will learn, as this was his first race.

The band gave a great Gearhead punch to the Octoberfest theme.  We owe many thanks to Ron, nine-finger Al (on drums), and Bob (on trumpet) from the band.  They certainly were skilled with the Germen songs and youthful to boot.

The rides weren’t without battle wounds. Andre’s leg was literally shreaded, though it never slowed him down.  That goodness we were close to the UofC hospitals.  It makes the South African special forces look like a trip to Disney.  While we don’t hve an update, we’re certain he is on the mend.

Some teams will be faster.  No team will have more fun.  We proved it out today and represented on the podium.  Congrats to Tommy for his top three and for Andre and Omar.  The points will likely be posted tomorrow.  We captured many top 10 points for the team.

Quote of the day: “I never head the band.  I just kept hearing young girls yelling my name.” – Tristin (just like college)

Newcomer of the day: Bob – he rode the whole thing with a smile ear-to-ear and he’s been sick; this ‘il cure ya.

Guest of the day: Mari Beth – Omar’s wife (we weren’t sure she exists and since we were all on our best behavior, she is sure to return)

Mechanical of the day: Kellen’s flat and still with a respectable finish

Dog of the day: Saber

Food of the day: Chocolate chip cookies from Omar’s wife – again, thank goodness we were on our best behavior so she’ll return

Dance of the day: “The Horizontal Slide,” on the down hill turns after the tent

Drink of the day: Old Style

Song of the day: “When the Saints Go Marching In” – last song played by Ron and the boys

March on Gearheads

Thanks to Bob, John (SloMO), Tommy, (ToMo), Dante, Pepe, Delfino, Andre, Will (who could only be with us in spirit and not in mud), Tristin, Nick (the Rhino) Goosen, Omar, Josh, Thomas (the flying Dutchman), Catherine, Sylvie, Kellen and the wrench of the hour – Brandon.

As we packed up the GTI for a ride back to eTown, I again jumped on the drive going North.  It wasn’t long before I came across bikes pearched on the back of cars.  You again could see the smiles on the gritty bikes.  Dirt and grass, blood and muck – the bikes had as much a trill as the riders.  A great day.

I turned on the radio and heard a song that Omar used to put into his videos in college.  Listen and enjoy and get ready for the next race in October.

This is, “Where the story ends.” YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the week of school and work and fill your dreams with thoughts of the next ride! Join our team.

More great images from the race here:

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