CompuTraining for Weight Loss

Bacon wrapped Turkey Thanksgiving OvereatingHolidays are notoriously a time for over-eating. Indulgence is par for the course. Keeping a consistent exercise routine can help curb your appetite, make you more thoughtful about your eating and (bonus!) boost your metabolism.

Higher Gear’s CompuTrainer Studio is a great way to stay fit and trim throughout this holiday season when riding outdoors may not be so inviting. Our boutique studio allows for an intimate yet fun experience for training this winter.

On a CompuTrainer, you’re competing against yourself – unless you’re the competitive type like some of us and then we’re competing against other in the room too (all in good spirit, of course)! Unlike spinning, the CompuTrainer gives you instant objective feedback – more accurate than you can get from heart rate or perceived exertion. Testing and retesting allows you to watch your progress over the winter months.

You know why we like CompuTraining. With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we thought we’d discuss why someone might be interested in picking up cycling – or kicking up their cycling – for weight loss. Bicycling Magazine shared several reasons why cycling is a great choice for those with weight management or loss on their minds this season:

  • Bicycling is easy on the joints. A person who is carrying extra pounds won’t be stressing their joints with that extra weight as happens with running where the force of impact can be damaging.
  • Cycling works on large muscle groups – most notably in your legs and glutes. The more muscle fibers recruited in an exercise = more calories burned. Yeah!
  • Cycling, especially long, steady rides, encourages an increase of capillaries in your legs to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. The mitochondria within your muscle fibers grow larger, allowing for more conversion of fat into energy by that increase of oxygen.
  • Endurance training also elevates the levels of levels of fatty-acid-binding proteins and fat-carrying enzymes in your body, making your body more efficient at utilizing fat for energy.
  • The calories you burn while exercising add up. “Even at a recreational pace of 13 to 15 miles per hour, you burn 500 to 600 calories in one hour. That’s about 4,000 per week—enough to burn off more than a pound—if you ride just an hour every day.”
  • The benefits of exercise last after you stop pedaling. Your body works hard to repair itself after exercise, boosting your basal metabolic rate or BMR (your energy expenditure, or metabolism, during a normal day) even outside of exercise. “Studies show that just 30 to 45 minutes of exercise most days a week can boost your BMR and keep it raised all day.”


2013 Scott Foil aero road bike carbonKick start your weight loss program. Start your New Year off right! Make CompuTraining part of your routine this winter season. Right now Higher Gear has incentives for you to do so:

* Sign up for unlimited Studio usage (at $100 per month or $300 for 4 months) by November 31st 2012 and receive complimentary bike storage for the winter while you’re training with us – a value of $20 per month.

* Beginning Friday, November 23rd, purchase any bike from us for $2,000 or more by the end of December 2012 and get unlimited use of the Higher Gear CompuTrainer Studio for the month of January 2013. Start your New Year off right!


…Just because you’re burning more energy doesn’t mean you can indulge without consequence during this holiday season. Our resident fitness expert, Joy Sherrick advises:

The weight loss we tend to put on as adults doesn’t typically come on all at once. Instead, it’s a gradual gain. And often that gain comes over the holidays. Putting on a pound or two each holiday season adds up. Only ten years out of college and a person can find himself ten to twenty pounds over his college weight.

As a fitness professional, I’d like to say exercise is the answer. Being active is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, but exercise is only a part of the weight-loss equation. In fact, it’s only 10% of the equation. The other 90% comes from diet.

So, please, enjoy a spin on the bike this Thanksgiving or do a local Turkey Trot. But, still keep an eye on portion size.


As always, please check with your doctor before changing your exercise routine.

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