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World Bicycle Relief WBR Buffalo Bike


This is not a bike. This is an engine for economic and cultural empowerment.


WBR World Bicycle Relief Bufallo BikeEntrepreneurs, farmers, healthcare workers and students in rural Africa transport heavy loads long distances over rugged terrain to meet basic needs. Compared to walking, bicycles allow people to haul more goods over longer distances in less time – provided the bicycle is strong and durable.

In Africa, the disconnect between suppliers and end-users has resulted in bicycles designed to be inexpensive rather than robust; most begin to fall apart within weeks because they are not suitable for rugged terrain and bulky loads. This has dire consequences for people without access to other transportation.

World Bicycle Relief has connected rural Africans with bicycle suppliers; the result is a robust bicycle engineered specifically for rural African terrain and load requirements. The Buffalo bike is designed, tested and assembled in Africa with close attention to end-user feedback and rigorous quality control.

WBR World Bicycle Relief Buffalo Bike

World Bicycle Relief is committed to providing the highest quality, most durable bicycles in Africa, and they operate with constant attention to innovation and product improvement to ensure that our bicycles meet their users’ needs. Their Africa-based product management team oversees a fleet of riders who test current and potential components under the most punishing field conditions; their feedback is used to improve our bicycles. Furthermore, Buffalo bicycles are compatible with locally available spare parts, ensuring that with proper maintenance they will last for years.


All these design innovations make World Bicycle Relief’s Buffalo bicycles the best on the market: the Buffalo Bike is built for Africa.


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Help support the Power of Bicycles! Ride the July 12th Gran Fondo Hundo for WBR >>

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Can’t make our July 12th event? We’ll sure miss riding with you, but you can still assist our efforts and help us reach our goal to deliver 200 bikes through WBR. Donate to WBR here >>


Stop by Higher Gear to check out the Buffalo Bike in person!

WBR World Bicycle Relief Buffalo BikeClick here to learn more about the Buffalo Bike, its branding, assembly, maintenance and sales, as well as to download WBR’s Field Mechanics Bicycle Maintenance Manual to see a Buffalo bicycle from the inside out.



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