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Women's Group Ride Cycling Higher Gear Sylvie LegereDo you ride your bike through Wilmette? Do you live or work in Wilmette? Would you ride your bike through Wilmette more if improvements were made to the roads or intersections?

The Village of Wilmette and the Wilmette Park District are working towards improvements that would make the community more cyclist-friendly, but they need your help to do so. Please note, you do not have to be a resident of Wilmette to take part. If you are a cycling enthusiast who has a vested interest in biking in or through Wilmette, your input is needed.


How you can help:


Step 1: Take the survey.

Sylvie Legere, Higher Gear, Womens Cycling, Surly, Big DummyPlease take a few minutes to complete a survey to help the Village of Wilmette and the Wilmette Park District understand your views of the current conditions and what changes you would most like to see. Your input will help define goals and identify key locations for improvements to make biking in Wilmette more safe and convenient.

This survey directly correlates with the Safe Routes to School Initiative. A bike plan will eventually be created for the village based on primary biking destinations as indicated through the survey results. Having children and their parents participate in the survey will ensures that schools are documented as primary biking destination in Wilmette.

There is a limit of one survey per email address, so children and their parents are encouraged to complete the survey using independent email addresses. You do not need to be a Wilmette resident to participate in the survey.


Step 2: Attend the 3/11 Transportation Commission Meeting.

The village is seeking public input to see if there is adequate support for an improvement project, scheduled for 2018 completion. The discussion Wednesday will be a preliminary proposal for bicycle improvements on Wilmette Ave and Glenview Rd. The proposal would eliminate some residential parking, so the support of cycling enthusiasts is greatly needed.

Again, you do not need to be a resident to attend. The voice of cycling enthusiasts who have a vested interest in cycling in or through Wilmette needs to be heard. Please join Higher Gear in attending the Transportation Commission Meeting in Wilmette Wednesday, March 11th at 7:00 pm. The meeting is in Wilmette Village Hall, 1200 Wilmette Avenue, on the second floor.


Gran Fondo Hundo Higher Gear metric century Wilmette Plaza del Lago


Cyclists, let your voice be heard!


Cycling is a great family activity – and it can lead to healthier and happier kids.




Need Help? Have Questions?

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