Tune-up before your next century ride

Century rides season is around the corner, and when you’re riding 100miles you want your bike to be operational and prevent break downs that can have you wait on the sidelines for a SAG vehicule.  

Make sure your bike is tuned up before rolling. After 6 months of riding, your bike needs a mise-au-point (tune-up). A bike tune-up will ensure a smoother ride, prevent problems and extend the life of your bike.  It is much more than lubricating the chain: the brake pads may be misaligned, the tires may need to be replaced, the wheels may be to be trued, the seat post may need to be lubricated to prevent cracking, shifting could be crisper, and your components most definitely need to be washed.  So don’t wait until the last minute and schedule a tune-up now.

Here’s more details about what’s involved in a tune-up.

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Bike Washing


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Washing your bike is critical. Allowing dirt, grease and grime to build up can deteriorate bike, parts and components. Here’s a simple before-and-after video to show you what we mean by bike washing.



Here are the tune-up packages offered at Higher Gear:




Race Check

Drive train components removed
and cleaned in solvent tank
Complete bottom bracket overhaul
Thorough cleaning of bike
Cables and chain fully lubricated
Headset and hub bearings adjusted
Wheels trued
Brakes adjusted
Shifters, front and rear derailleurs adjusted

A lot is involved in a tune-up, don’t wait to schedule one for your bike.

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