A New Twist – and Stretch – on Cyclocross

Higher Gear Chicago Chiropractic Sports Medicine Northbrook Velodrome Chicago Cycling RacingWhat could possibly make Cyclocross better for racers or more enjoyable for spectators? How about working out those hamstrings, tight from the effort of grinding through mud uphill? Or untying the knots in your shoulder blades after hours of bacon-wrapped dollar bill hand-ups? Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine will be joining us at two of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup races this year.

Dr. Jon Sebby, DC, ART Provider, and Paul Matthews, Certified Rolfer, will be providing Active Release Technique and Rolfing treatments (deep-tissue bodywork) at AHFD SuperCross in Mount Prospect on 11/18 and the State Cyclocross Championship at Montrose Harbor on 12/2 . Stop by Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine tent to receive your complimentary treatment and to grab a water bottle and Rolfing coupon.

Treatments are available to both racers and spectators.


Chicago Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Dr. Jon Sebby, Paul Matthews, ART, RolfChicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine specializes in providing Chiropractic Care, Active Release Technique (ART), Rolfing and Functional Rehabilitation to ensure optimal body performance and health for athletes and active individuals. Their practitioners work together with athletes to design a personalized comprehensive treatment program for treating injuries and to ensure that the athletes stay injury-free throughout the season. Dr. Akin, the founder and Clinic Director of Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine is the team chiropractic physician for the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs.

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