Rhythm & Blues Revue Returns for Fourth Year

The Indianapolis branch of Gearheads tweeted:

“It’s 178 miles to Evanston, We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of embro and a flask of Hammer Nutrition, it’s dark and we’re wearing protective eye wear.”


That can only mean one thing…


YouTube Preview Image


The Rhythm & Blues Revue Cyclocross Race is back!


For the fourth year in a row, Higher Gear is bringing the spectacle of cyclocross to the north shore. Our course has something for everyone. Our course is approachable to those new to the sport. Spectators can get in on the action. Food and beer are available for all to enjoy.


2015 Higher Gear Rhythm Blues Revue Cyclocross CX Cross Race Wilmette Canal Shores Gearhead Pony Shop


Save the date! Toe the line with us Saturday, October 29th.


Higher Gear Rhythm Blues Revue Cyclocross CX Cross Race Bike Bicycle Canal Shores Evanston Wilmette


Costumes aren’t required, but they are encouraged.


Higher Gear Rhythm Blues Revue Cyclocross CX race racing Evanston Wilmette Community Golf Course Gearheads 2013 Blues Brothers


Stay tuned for more information to come in the following weeks.






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