2012 Women’s Cycling Season

HigerGearWomensEvent_logo_withtextWe are getting ready to kick off the season in high gear for Women Cycling at Higher Gear.  Our goal: get more women to embrace cycling as a sport!  Francine Haas and team are joining co-owner Sylvie Legere to create a program aimed at empowering women through cycling.

Here’s what we have planned:

April 22 – Women’s Cycling Clinic from 9am to 3pm at Highland Park High School.


Treat yourself and join us for an all day clinic  to get you to ride safer, faster and with more confidence.  Participants will be organized in groups based on level, goals and experience. All groups will learn about:

  • Braking & Shifting: Use your bike as it is intended. We’ll show you how and when to shift and proper braking techniques.
  • Skills & Drills: You never know what you’ll encounter while riding your bike. Our skills and drills session is fun and will allow you to explore the possibilities of what can be done on a bike.
  • Group Riding: No matter if you prefer to ride to socialize or get in an intense training session, having the right skills is key. Our clinic will prepare you to head out on any group ride. From paceline skills to proper etiquette, we’ll have you riding safely, properly and as efficiently as possible. Eschelon skills will be taught to the advanced group based on readiness.
  • Cornering : Whether your goal is to race through the corners in a high speed criterium or to just ride efficiently, saving your energy for when it matters, our in-depth cornering session will provide you with the right tools. It’s common for people to lose energy going through a turn because they slow (way) down and then have to re-accelerate to get back up to speed. This is a huge waste of energy. This cornering session led by Brian Haas has applications for both the road and off-road riding.
  • Race Tactics: Wayne Simon, US National Road Master’s Champion, will be leading our advanced group. This is a great opportunity to learn race tactics and riding skills from an elite rider.

In addition to great instruction, enjoy morning coffee&bagels, delicious zero-waste lunch catered by Kathy Corbett Catering and a terrific goodie bag that includes, among other things, a useful bag, arm warmers, flat tire kit, nutrition, roadID discount and a beautiful Peacecord bracelet handwoven by women in Afghanistan from parachute cords.

Ideally we want all women who are planning to ride with us weekly to have completed this clinic. Please register online so we can better plan the day, the groups, the lunch and the goodie bags!

Register online for the Women Cycling Clinic
April 22nd from 9am to 3pm
(check-in will start around 8am)


Women Track Clinic – May 5th: Learn what a track bike is and how it is different than a road bike, How to ride a track bike, Proper track etiquette. Find out more.

Weekly Rides – starting April 24th or May 1st:
– Tuesdays – Mid Morning Ride: 9:30am to 11:am out of Wilmette
– Wednesdays – Date Night: 6:30pm to 8:30pm out of Highland Park – this is a road bike ride for Women led by Francine and Brian Haas, the focus of the ride is to learn group riding – the average speed is 15-17mph.
– Fridays – Early Birds: 5:30am to 7am out of Wilmette – this is a road bike ride, the average speed is 17mph focus will be on group riding.
– Saturdays -6:30am to 9am out of Highland Park – this ride is also open to everyone.  A great training ride for those who are planning to do a Century.

How will the rides be organized?
Ideally, riders should commit to riding weekly for at least 6 weeks so we can all progress together and form riding groups that will go on through the summer or restart the first week of August when everyone is back from vacation.

What type of bike do I need?
On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday mornings you need a road bike.
On Tuesdays out of Wilmette, we will divide riders based on confidence level, speed and types of bikes. If you have an hybrid or mountain bike we are looking for leaders!

More to come. If you are interested join our mailing list – click on Women’s Ride. We look forward seeing you there.

Need Help? Have Questions?

Highland Park | 847-433-2453
Wilmette | 847-256-2330

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