2012 Olympics

Cycling fans, don’t despair. The Tour may be ending but think of the upside: you have a few days to enjoy riding outdoors this summer before you’ll again be glued to NBC Sports. From July 27th through August 12th, the best in the world will compete in the 30th Summer Olympic Games.

The London cycling program will feature a range of events, individual and team, on track, road and dirt, for men and women. Events will be contested at the Olympic velodrome, on the streets of the city, and over the mountain and BMX courses. Olympic triathlon is a test of both endurance and athletic versatility, requiring competitors to excel at three very different and demanding disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Olympic triathletes swim 1500m, bike 40km and run 10,000m.

Saturday, July 28th 4:00am Road: Men’s Road Race
Sunday, July 29th 6:00am Road: Women’s Road Race
Wednesday, August 1st 6:30am Road: Women’s Individual Time Trial
8:15am Road: Men’s Individual Time Trial
Thursday, August 2nd 10:00am Women’s Team Sprint Qualification
10:15am Men’s Team Sprint Qualification
10:30am Track: Women’s Team Sprint – Round 1
10:42am Men’s Team Pursuit Qualification
11:46am Track: Men’s Team Sprint – Round 1
11:59am Track: Women’s Team Sprint – Finals
12:15pm Track: Men’s Team Sprint – Finals
Friday, August 3rd 10:00am Track: Women’s Keirin – Round 1
10:18am Track: Men’s Team Pursuit – Round 1
10:44am Track: Women’s Keirin – Round 1
10:56am Women’s Team Pursuit Qualification
11:46am Track: Women’s Keirin – Round 2
11:59am Track: Men’s Team Pursuit – Finals
12:38pm Track: Women’s Keirin – Finals
Saturday, August 4th 3:00am Women’s Triathlon
4:00am Track: Men’s Sprint – Qualification
4:30am Track: Men’s Omnium – 250m Time Trial
5:01am Track: Men’s Sprint – 1/16 Finals
10:00am Track: Men’s Sprint – 1/16 Repechage
10:11am Track: Women’s Team Pursuit – Round 1
10:35am Track: Men’s Sprint – 1/8 Finals
10:54am Track: Men’s Omnium – 30km Points Race
11:34am Track: Men’s Sprint – 1/8 Repechage
11:42am Track: Women’s Team Pursuit – Finals
12:20pm Track: Men’s Sprint – Final (9-12)
12:25pm Track: Men’s Omnium – Elimination Race
Sunday, August 5th 4:00am Track: Men’s Omnium – Ind. Pursuit
4:58am Track: Women’s Sprint – Qualification
10:00am Track: Women’s Sprint – 1/16 Finals
10:34am Track: Men’s Sprint – Quarterfinals
10:48am Track: Women’s Sprint – 1/16 Repechage
11:01am Track: Men’s Omnium – 15km Scratch Race
11:38am Track: Women’s Sprint – 1/8 Finals
12:06pm Track: Women’s Sprint – 1/8 Repechage
12:16pm Track: Men’s Omnium – 1km Time Trial
12:47pm Track: Men’s Sprint – Final (5-8)
12:51pm Track: Women’s Sprint – Final (9-12)
Monday, August 6th 10:00am Track: Men’s Sprint – Semifinals
10:08am Track: Women’s Omnium – 250m Time Trial
10:43am Track: Women’s Sprint – Quarterfinals
11:06am Track: Women’s Omnium – 20km Points Race
11:43am Track: Men’s Sprint – Finals
12:18pm Track: Women’s Omnium – Elimination Race
12:41pm Track: Women’s Sprint – Final (5-8)
Tuesday, August 7th 4:00am Track: Men’s Keirin – Round 1
4:19am Track: Women’s Omnium – Ind. Pursuit
5:19am Track: Men’s Keirin – Round 1
5:30am Men’s Triathlon
10:00am Track: Women’s Sprint – Semifinals
10:07am Track: Women’s Omnium – 10km Scratch Race
10:34am Track: Men’s Keirin – Round 2
10:53am Track: Women’s Omnium – 500m Time Trial
11:26am Track: Women’s Sprint – Finals
11:50am Track: Men’s Keirin – Finals
Wednesday, August 8th 9:00am BMX: Men’s Seeding
9:40am BMX: Women’s Seeding
Thursday, August 9th 9:00am BMX: Men’s Quarterfinals
Friday, August 10th 9:00am BMX: Women’s Semifinals
9:08am BMX: Men’s Semifinals
10:30am BMX: Women’s Final
10:40am BMX: Men’s Final
Saturday, August 11th 6:30am Mountain Bike: Women’s Race
Sunday, August 12th 7:30am Mountain Bike: Men’s Race

Times updated to reflect CT.

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