2012 IronMan World Championship

As we approach the indoor training season when we’ll once again be focusing on power (or more to the point, our power-to-weight ratio), here are some numbers from this past weekend’s IronMan World Championship in Kona to get you ready:

IMWC IronMan World Championship Kona 2012 Jordan Rapp Rappstar Specialized S-Works Shiv


  • 4100 = The caloric deficit 2012 World Champion Pete Jacobs was estimated to be at when he entered the marathon portion of his race.
  • 627 = The maximum number of watts Luke McKenzie put out in an effort to hold lead of the bike at Kona through mile 47.
  • 578 = The number of watts put out by 2012 World Champion Pete Jacobs in a move that would take him to the bike lead ahead of Andy Potts. This is also enough to power a freezer, by the way.
  • 76 = The average cadence maintained by Jordan Rapp, a/k/a Rappstar, on the bike, much lower than the higher cadence preferred by triathletes.
  • 55 = The number of teeth on the chainring of choice of most Kona athletes.
  • 20 = The percentage above her target output (i.e. “red-line”) where Rachel Joyce spent 45 minutes of her ride to stay in the top 10 on the bike.



Craig Alexander Crowie IMWC IronMan World Championship Kona 2012 Specialized S-Works Shiv

For more numbers and statistics, see the TrainingPeaks blog, from which this information was obtained. For a more in depth look into the data, check out Kona 2012 – By the Numbers on slowtwitch.com.


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