Featured Cyclist: Go Gabi Go!

At Higher Gear, we firmly believe that a bike can change a life. We see it quite often with our customers and we love to tell their stories.

This is a tale about an ambitious young woman, Gabi Greenberg, who set out with a team of riders to cross the United States, to raise money and awareness to end AIDS/HIV. A 2011 graduate of Highland Park High School and current student at Stanford University, studying areas of public health, Gabi is convinced this ride can help her make a difference.

Gabi Greenberg and her Specialized Roubaix cycling coast to coast for FACE AIDS

Gabi began her journey with a group of seventeen cyclists who are riding from San Fransisco to Boston. They are raising funds and awareness for the not-for-profit FACE AIDS and are doing the ride in conjunction with the volunteer movement Citizen Effect. Gabi is very serious about the cause, as evidenced by the monumental journey she and the other riders are making. “I believe this disease is totally preventable and it also remains a disease that expresses the inequality in our society. AIDS still affects millions of people, the majority of which do not receive the prevention or care they require,” said Ms. Greenberg.

Gabi is making the ride on a Specialized Roubaix road bike she purchased from our Highland Park store. Gabi expressed that the experience of getting the bike from Higher Gear was very positive. “Higher Gear was so helpful in preparing me for this ride. Delfino Parra and Brian Dehmer helped me in getting the proper clothing and even teaching me how to clip in and out of my pedals. It is actually almost unnatural now not to be clipped into my pedals.”

Gabi indicated that the most memorable part of the ride has been the people she has met along the way and all the unexpected hospitality the group has received from people who have hosted them. Gabi reported that a ride like this is not without challenges. Route selection is tough on such a long journey and getting the other cyclists to gel as a group takes some work.

Gabi Greenberg and her Specialized Roubaix at the Continental DivideGabi and her team have already completed over 1,000 miles of their bike journey from San Francisco to Boston. In all, they will ride over 4,000 miles, coast to coast, all to raise awareness and funds for HIV/Aids research

Before the end of July, Gabi is going to stop in Chicagoland, more than half way through with the journey. She is going to take in a Cubs game with owner, Todd Ricketts and enjoy seeing her family. She’ll then head back out with the group and complete her journey before the end of the summer.


Gabi Greenberg at the Nebraska BorderWatch the Higher Gear Facebook page for more updates and photos from Gabi’s ride. You can find more about Gabi’s fundraising efforts by visiting the Citizen Effect site.

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