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Pepe’s Race Report – Heide Linter

Joe Pepe Sullivan Higher Gear Specialized Venge road racing cobbles Belgium Spring Classic

So it’s March! Race season has begun for me here in Belgium, starting with a 1.18 kermesse at Heide Linter. My first race in over 6 months, I was getting very excited to get out and race again.   In …

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Pepe’s 2017 Winter Training Camp

Specialized Venge aero road racing bike bicycle Joe Pepe Sullivan Spain Espagne

Yeah. That’s a warm, sunny beach. In February. In Spain. Jealous? So I’m not sure where I got the good idea. Maybe it came after watching years of my friends go off to “team camp.” Maybe it came with this …

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At Higher Gear, We’re Family

Higher Gear Gran Fondo Hundo WBR World Bicycle Relief 3 third annual Kenosha Kingfish Gearhead Pepe

“Locations and brands are important to be successful in bike retail. However, the single key differentiator for Higher Gear is our people.” – Brendan Sullivan   For a small shop to run in an e-commerce economy, it must have a …

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A Taste of Italy by Bike

Garda Hotel Bike Tour Finder Russ Tina Hoefer Italy cycling holiday

You may remember Russ and Tina Hoefer, our friendly bike tour finders. If you’re into cycling and you’re considering taking a holiday, you’re going to want to get to know them. The Hoefers are pretty darned good at sniffing out …

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2 Days of Cycling in London

Joe Pepe Sullivan Higher Gear Gearhead London velodrome track cycling bike Six Day

Track racing was never really my thing. I’m not exactly sure why. Even though some of my favorite cyclists, from locals like Catherine Watkins and Nikos Hessert to pros like Mark Cavendish and Olly Moors, part of me just never …

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Specialized HQ

Specialized HQ Morgan Hill Higher Gear Joy Aaron Sherrick

There are bikes and then there are bikes. There are bike manufacturers and then there are true innovators.     We at Higher Gear are huge fans of Specialized. That’s no surprise. What you may not fully comprehend is why. …

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