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Time to Change Your Shorts

Specialized Therminal Bib Short Prevail Helmet Higher Gear Aaron Sherrick

Beginner cyclists may consider cycling apparel just a silly uniform to further complicate an already equipment intensive sport. In fact, the Lycra “uniform” makes a lot of sense. Close fitting fabric means less drag through the air and, probably of …

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Food For Thought

Resolutions Change Progress Health Fitness Workout Weight Loss

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we’ve learned the (not so) secret to weight loss and the cold hard truth that we cannot outrun (or out-pedal) our fork. Since our fitness (or fatness) is largely determined by what …

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2015 Specialized Cup at Higher Gear

2015 Specialized Cup Higher Gear Indoor Time Trial Series CompuTrainer CompuTraining

Special thanks go out to all who attended the Specialized Cup event at Higher Gear this past Saturday. Whether you joined us to race, to cheer, to jeer or to partake in the feast, the day was a success because …

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Mechanic’s Corner: Winter Care for Your Bike

Fred Fredo Higher Gear Bike Tune-Up Overhaul Race Check Maintenance

  We recently sat down with Higher Gear Head Mechanic, Fredo to talk about the toll that winter takes on our bikes.       HG: While this winter hasn’t been quite as brutal as last year’s, it’s been cold …

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Joie de Fat

Salsa Mukluk fat bike Higher Gear Wilmette Kennilworth Lake Michigan winter

Remember what a bicycle meant to you as a child? Do you remember that feeling of the wind on your face? Do you recall how your street, your neighborhood and even your town opened up to you in a way …

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2015 Fat Bike Championship

Salsa Cycles Adventure Fat Bike

Over the past few winters, more and more cyclists have begun to ride fat bikes in their winter snow. As all disciplines of cycling, more riders leads to the spirit of competition. USA Cycling embraced the spirit, and has hosted …

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