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Ride for Fitness Sake

Bike Prescription Cycling Rx

In You’ve Got to Move It, part 5 of our series on weight loss and fitness, we discussed the “calories out” part of the weight loss equation. Movement is an important element of health and fitness. As a personal trainer, …

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Junior Race Report: 2015 Lincoln Park Crit

2015 Lincoln Park Criterium Crit LCP Chicago bicycle road racing Higher Gear Joe Pepe Sullivan Gearhead

I woke up to send off the Saturday Morning Group Ride. It was a bit nippy out, but I was excited to start the criterium season. After finishing off the last few chapters of Reading the Race, I was finally …

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All That Glitters

SWorks Tarmac Specialized Saxo Tinkoff Tour de France 2013

“Not all carbon frames are created equal…” So begins an article by Logan Vonbokel in the April 2015 edition of Velo magazine on Black Market Carbon.     Our customers know that we at Higher Gear are huge fans of …

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Junior Race Report: 2015 Barry Roubaix

Joe Pepe Sullivan Gearhead Higher Gear junior racing Barry Roubaix 2015

It’s been a long winter. I’ve been trapped indoors for countless hours and countless miles. Although 8-person CompuTrainer sessions are fun, nothing beats riding on the road. In December, I decided to make a new goal for myself come springtime: …

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You’ve Got to Move It

Women's Group Ride Cycling Higher Gear Sylvie Legere

Lately, we’ve been focusing on eating for health and weight loss. (If you’ve missed it, check out You Can’t Outrun – or Out-Pedal – Your Fork.) As we learned, diet is the key component to weight loss. But, in The …

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Sunny Side Up

2015 First Ride of Spring Group Ride Riding Higher Gear

There may be snow on the ground today, but the Chicagoland area did have a few days of spring-like weather. Fortunately, the short-lived spring was kind enough to overlap with our First Ride. A tradition here at Higher Gear, this …

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