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And the Winner Is…

Higher Gear Gran Fondo Hundo WBR World Bicycle Relief 3 third annual Kenosha Kingfish Gearhead Ruth Anne Renaud

World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is dedicated to mobilizing people through The Power of Bicycles. They accomplish this by designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality bicycles that withstand the challenging terrain and conditions in rural Africa. Each one of WBR’s Buffalo …

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Gold… Going… Gone

2016 Rio Olympics

[Spoiler alert: if you haven’t yet caught the women’s road race from Sunday in Rio, thar be spoilers below, matey.]     If you’re a fan of cycling and a fan of the Olympics, you may have caught the mayhem …

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August 2016 Races, Rides and Events

Joe Pepe Sullivan Higher Gear racing cycling Specialized Venge Evade 2015 Two Rivers Road Race

Summer in the Midwest doesn’t last long. Soak up all the cycling action that August has to offer. If you’ve be anxious about jumping into a crowded criterium race or if soloing appeals to you, there are lots of great …

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Another Grand Slam!

Higher Gear Gran Fondo Hundo WBR World Bicycle Relief 3 third annual Kenosha Kingfish Gearhead group

Three strikes and you’re out, but what happens when you hit three home runs in a row? In bowling, three consecutive strikes is called a “turkey.” We’re not sure what to call it – definitely not a turkey! – but …

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Third Annual Gran Fondo Hundo Route

Gran Fondo Hundo Higher Gear route Illinois Prairie Path bike

Think you know the way? Riders in the third annual Gran Fondo Hundo will be treated to a new route up to Simmons Field on Sunday.   Haven’t registered yet? It’s not too late! There’s still time to get in …

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Pro Ride and Future Pros

Higher Gear Group Ride Astellas Pro Cycling Team

Some weeks are good. Some weeks are great. This past week at Higher Gear was awesome! Tuesday night, we once again hosted the Astellas Professional Cycling Team – our local pro team based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois – for …

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