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Embracing Winter Training

Michael Denker DeKalb Winter Cycling Surly Fat Bike Ice Cream Truck Winter Cycling Bikes

The winter months typically spur some kind of change to our routine. Some people use what they refer to as the “off-season” to take advantage of cross-training opportunities. Others of us emphatically proclaim, “There is no off-season!” The constant barrage …

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Geoff Chandler: Early Adapter

Geoff Chandler Higher Gear Coach triathlon cycling cyclocross time trial coaching

Along with the likes of Dave Scott and Scott Molina, one of those out there during triathlon’s earliest days was Higher Gear customer Geoff Chandler. Chandler’s name may not be one you’re familiar with. While Chandler was out there competing …

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The Power to Change the World

Ruth Anne Tom Renaud World Bicycle Relief WBR Africa Rides Zambia Buffalo Bicycle Bike Higher Gear

Higher Gear customers will recognize the Renauds. Tom and Ruth-Anne have been top fundraisers on the Wrigley Field Road Tours, they are regulars on our group rides and they frequently share tales and photos of their cycling travels and adventures. …

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Banjo Brothers: A Better Bag by Even Better Guys

Higher Gear Banjo Brothers Interbike 2014 cycling bike bags Fredo Brandon Olson

In a world of $6,000 carbon fiber bikes and $150 bike shorts, it’s hard to imagine finding useful bike gear for less than $10, but local bike bag company Banjo Brothers rings the bell with its $5.99 phone wallet. Built …

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2014 Chicago Cyclocross Season Opener

Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC CX 2014 Caldwell Woods Higher Gear Joe Pepe Sullivan Gearhead

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Sunday, September 28th, the Chicago Cyclocross Cup season officially opened at Caldwell Woods with a race sponsored by Chicago’s own xXx Racing. Local brew Goose Island was flowing,  cowbells were rung and heckles were tossed like beads …

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The 30th Annual – and a First – North Shore Century

2014 North Shore Century Evanston Bike Club Specialized Higher Gear Sherrick Eyler

Some of you may have read about my husband’s and my spontaneous metric century in 2013, the 29th year of the local Evanston Bike Club’s North Shore Century. We have such fond memories of our first NSC experience: a relaxed …

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