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A Bike Is

Wrigley Field Road Tour WFRT 2013 WBR World Bicycle Relief Cubs Charities Specialized Amira SWorks SRAM Red Zipp Higher Gear Wilmette Caroline Higney

A bike is a gift. A bike is education. A bike is an experience. A bike is a cause. A bike is a movement. A bike is a celebration. A bike is a prize. A bike is to be prized. …

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Junior Race Report: 2015 Monsters of the Midway

Joe Sullivan Pepe Higher Gear Gearhead road racing Monsters of Midway Specialized Venge

It was the tale of two races. Split by over six hours, two races occupied my entire day, both of which had their benefits and their mishaps. First, came the junior’s race. The routine Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew Kickstart …

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Higher Gear Welcomes Mrs. D

Christina Kapetan Higher Gear Chicago Wilmette Mrs D

If you like your service on the sweet side, stop in to Higher Gear on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday, when Christina Kapetan is just as likely to address you as “honey” as she is to serve up her signature …

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The Hoefers, Your Bike Tour Directors

Russ Tina Hoefer Bike Tour Finder biketourfinder.net mountain biking

Triathlons tend to attract very detail-oriented and determined people. Back in the 80’s and 90’s when Russ Hoefer was racing in three or so Olympic-distance triathlons a year and a handful of marathons, he was very dedicated to his training. …

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Embracing Winter Training

Michael Denker DeKalb Winter Cycling Surly Fat Bike Ice Cream Truck Winter Cycling Bikes

The winter months typically spur some kind of change to our routine. Some people use what they refer to as the “off-season” to take advantage of cross-training opportunities. Others of us emphatically proclaim, “There is no off-season!” The constant barrage …

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Geoff Chandler: Early Adapter

Geoff Chandler Higher Gear Coach triathlon cycling cyclocross time trial coaching

Along with the likes of Dave Scott and Scott Molina, one of those out there during triathlon’s earliest days was Higher Gear customer Geoff Chandler. Chandler’s name may not be one you’re familiar with. While Chandler was out there competing …

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