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December 2017 BOM: Specialized McLaren Roubaix

Specialized 2017 SWorks McLaren Roubaix road bike bicycle endurance cycling Higher Gear Wilmette

The holidays are a time for magic. Are they not? Try this fantasy on for size.     When you hear “McLaren,” the first thing that comes to mind are its F1 race machines, but that’s not the only race …

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November 2017 BOM: Specialized Fatboy SE

Specialized Fatboy 2017 fat bike biking bicycle cycling winter

We Midwesterners used to hibernate indoors all season, packing on the pounds that we’d all then have to rush to shred before the next season began. But now we have a choice. Now we can get fat, while outdoors, having …

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October 2017 BOM: Specialized Diverge

Specialized Diverge any bike bicycle cycling Higher Gear Wilmette

We all know the poem with the two roads diverging in a wood. That poor guy had to pick just one, but with the new Specialized Diverge, you can KOM the well-trodden path and then switch gears to explore the …

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Bringing You More of the Best

Specialized Morgan Hill Higher Gear Ryan Ramirez 2018 Turbo Vado ebike electronic pedal assist commuter commuting biking bike cycling bikes

Just a couple of week’s ago, we shared with you about our most recent visit to Morgan Hill, California for the Specialized Dealer Event. It’s a special time of year when we get to drool over test ride the newest …

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Specialized Ingredients

Specialized Rider First Engineering Carbon Layup bicycle bike components cycling

We just reported on our most recent visit to Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill, which served as a reminder to us that, by offering Specialized at Higher Gear, we continue to offer the best and most innovative bikes and cycling …

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Bringing You the Best

Specialized Bicycle Components Morgan Hill Mike Sinyard Brendan Sullivan Higher Gear Wilmette

Yes, we gush on Specialized. We feature their bikes month after month. We talk about the ways they are constantly improving, the good they’re doing in communities and just how awesome they are all around. If you’ve figured out that …

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