November 2017 BOM: Specialized Fatboy SE

We Midwesterners used to hibernate indoors all season, packing on the pounds that we’d all then have to rush to shred before the next season began. But now we have a choice. Now we can get fat, while outdoors, having fun. All winter long.


Specialized Fatboy 2017 fat bike biking bicycle cycling winter


Fat bikes got their name from their massive tires that allow you to roll over dirt, gravel, sand, mud, snow and ice. If having fun for the sake of having fun sounds appealing to you, a fat bike will change the way you ride forever.

Fat bikes make that grinning ear-to-ear experience on the bike a year-round possibility, because there’s nothing like a fat bike for making you feel like a kid again. The only restriction impeding where you can ride is your imagination. Just where will you go fat?

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet” can keep you from enjoying the winter now. Go ahead. Get fat. And be prepared to smile.


Specialized Fatboy 2017 fat bike biking bicycle cycling winter


Specialized Fatboy SE

The wheel system found on the Specialized Fatboy SE provides unparalleled security and control. You get dramatically more traction, grip and floatation than you do with traditional mountain tires, all without too great a sacrifice to climbing efficiency.

The end result is easy to explain: you have way more fun on a Fatboy.

And to make sure of it, Specialized built the Fatboy SE with a durable, no-nonsense list of components that are low-maintenance and eager to perform season after season.


Features of the Specialized Fatboy SE

  • The frame features an M4 alloy construction that provides the ideal blend of efficiency and durability, while the geometry creates a roomy top tube and short chainstays for easy climbing and confident descending.
  • Specialized’s alloy fork with air-formed legs is lightweight and pairs up perfectly with the fat wheel system to soak up trail chatter and bumps.
  • The SRAM 11-speed groupset features a wide gear range that delivers climbing and descending efficiency in spades. On top of this, the one-by setup is notorious for being next to impossible to drop a chain with, plus it provides a significant weight savings in comparison to a standard setup.



Specialized Fatboy 2017 fat bike biking bicycle cycling winter


Winter is coming. It’s time to get fat.

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Specialized Fatboy SE 2017 Higher Gear Wilmette fat bike nordic red hyper black


What’s all the fuss about fat bikes?




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