May 2017 BOM: Linus Mixte 3

La Vie en Rose

Linus Mixte city bike Higher Gear French Jeanne Moreau Jules et JimDo you ever take a stroll down Wilmette’s cobblestone streets and make believe – for just a moment – that you’re off in old village in France or Switzerland or Belgium? Do you stop by the Wilmette French Market on Saturday mornings to pick up your baguette and eggs? Do you enjoy a leisurely coffee with friends at the local café?

Mon amie, you are living la vie en rose. Perhaps it’s time you had a bike to match.

The Linus Mixte is a 60’s French classic. The sporty ride with its signature diagonal line looks straight out of a Godard film, but is fit with modern materials. Instead of Jeanne Moreau taking the leading role, it could be you on your Linus Mixte.


Linus Mixte 2017 teal Higher Gear Wilmette customer


All the Bells and Whistles


Linus bikes bike bicycle internal gearsInternal Gears
The Mixte is internally geared, which means you have the benefit of multiple gears but without a cumbersome deraileur. For city riding, internal gears have many advantages. They are extremely reliable, require very little maintenance, can shift without pedaling and are very to use. The three gears are just enough to pedal along our north streets, bike lanes and paths.

Painted steel fenders with retro brackets and stainless steel braces protect your clothing from splashes.

Cargo Room
A custom designed rear rack is a perfect spot for your groceries, costume change or beach blanket. The rear wheel uses heavier spokes to make for stronger wheels, which is great when carrying extra weight like groceries or toddlers.

Leather Wrapped Grips
Linus bikes bike bicycle reflective tire wallHand-stitched genuine leather grips naturally absorb sweat and soften over time. If you’ve ever had your skin against vinyl on a hot summer’s day, you’ll understand why compromise isn’t always the best option. The leather-wrapped grips coordinate beautifully with the brown leatherette touring saddle.

Reflective Tire Wall
Combining aesthetics with safety, the Mixte has reflective tire walls, greatly enhancing your visibility at night. The reflective tire wall means that you are visible from the side when out for a sunset ride.

Linus’ mid-century alloy bell alerts passers-by with a clear tone. It accents your bike with a flash of elegance and completes a pretty package.



Don’t be blue. Live la vie en rose!


We just received a new shipment from Linus Bikes. Come in to check out all the Mixte colors.

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