Improving on Perfection

“Innovate or Die.” It’s more than a catchphrase.

Specialized is known for its innovation. They are always improving on their bikes and gear, never settling or remaining stagnant.


Specialized HQ Morgan Hill Higher Gear Chris Yu


Innovation was Specialized’s inspiration for building their own Win Tunnel on their property in 2013. Innovation is what motivates them to hire the most expert engineers and to work with the most accomplished athletes in the sport. Innovation has led to technologies like Rider First Engineering, Future Shock, FSR Suspension, SWAT Technology, BRAIN Suspension, Body Geometry FIT System and FACT Carbon Composites. And those are just the latest in the Specialized line of technologies.

That’s the thing about Specialized. They are always innovating, always changing, always improving. They continually improve on perfection. And that’s why it can be difficult to keep up with them.


Specialized 2017 Diverge Comp Carbon any bike anything adventure bicycle Higher Gear Wilmette


No sooner than we publish an article about how awesome the Specialized Diverge is, Specialized announces a new and improved Diverge with Future Shock technology. (Like, seriously. They made their announcement about the new Diverge a week after we featured the previous version as our Bike of the Month.)

The announcement of the 2018 Diverge came after the Specialized Roubaix had been redesigned for this year and just prior to the big reveal during the Tour de France of the new Tarmac for 2018.

But Specialized doesn’t just do bikes. The Prevail Helmet is another example of Specialized’s commitment to innovation. We love the Prevail. Some of us are still riding the original Prevail. But, again, Specialized improved on an already incredibly aerodynamic and “cool” helmet. The Prevail II features a lower profile, less weight and improved acoustics. The newest version of the helmet provides a noticeably quieter ride.


Specialized Prevail 2 II Helmet cycling bike pro SWorks Aaron Sherrick Wattie Ink


But, here’s the thing: you can’t go wrong with Specialized. Whether you get the 2017 or the 2018 Diverge, you’re getting a great bike. Whether you ride with the Prevail or the Prevail II, you’ll be noticeably more comfortable and cooler.

There’s a reason why Specialized continually dominates our Bike of the Month list. It’s the same reason we at Higher Gear choose to sell Specialized. It’s because Specialized is a leader in the industry. Since Mike Sinyard created Specialized in 1974, the company has been committed to re-investing every dollar of profit back into the company to improve their bikes, equipment and support. When you think they’ve reached a pinnacle, know that they’re already working on the next generation of perfection. Because that’s what Specialized does: continually moves forward, continually pushes us forward.


Specialized HQ Morgan Hill Higher Gear Museum Rider First


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