Fun and Inspiring: Scott Foil 600

The Foil is fast! On the descents we ride most often we noticed that it hit 50kph sooner than we’re used to seeing and it whips along on the flat too. When you get out of the saddle and apply some gas the Foil leaps forwards.

Holding the drops and pulling hard to get the maximum force into the bike reveals that it’s a very stiff frame from front to back. More than simply an absence of tangible flex, the Foil gives you a very positive feeling of rigidity that really encourages you to pour in all your effort. It’s fun and inspiring.

Before now, aero road bikes have all involved some sort of compromise. Traditional airfoil tube shapes are heavier and have less lateral rigidity than conventional frames. Scott say that a target of the Foil was to eliminate these compromises so the frame design approaches the question of aerodynamics from the opposite direction. Instead of designing the most aero frame possible and then trying to make it light and stiff, Scott started with their excellent Addict as the benchmark and aimed to improve its aerodynamics without compromising the weight and stiffness that have a greater influence on the ride quality. Scott say that the solution is the ‘virtual airfoil’, a tube shape that uses its leading edge to make the air behave as if it’s following a long-tailed airfoil shape.

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