Dec 2016 BOM: Alubooyah Fat Bike

The Alubooyah “is a cross-country trail bike that is a fat bike.” What does that mean? It means that this bike is fat, fast AND responsive – sacrificing absolutely nothing for the pleasure of going fat!


Boo Bicycles Bikes Higher Gear fat bamboo Wilmette



How fast is the Alubooyah? Amanda Miller came home with stars and bars from the 2015 Fat Bike National Championship, pro women’s class. When you want an ultra-fast fat bike that still rides smooth in rough terrain, the Alubooyah is the ticket.



Why bamboo? On a fat bike, the tire absorbs most of the shock and vibration. So, while our bamboo is stiff and absorbs vibration three times better than carbon, it’s not the greatest value add of the bamboo in this case. Instead, it’s the torsional (twisting) compliance that makes the Alubooyah so much fun to ride.

When cornering, the bamboo tubes twist slightly and affords the Alubooyah lateral forgiveness. As a result, the Alubooyah feels more planted but doesn’t shudder when pushed through corners and curves.


Boo Bicycles Bikes Higher Gear fat bamboo Wilmette



With symmetrical 170mm rear spacing, you can run a myriad of different hub options. The Alubooyah sports a generous 4.4″ of tire clearance in the rear and 4.8″ in the front, making it compatible with most rim and tire combinations. Inquire about getting your wheels set up tubeless for lower rolling resistance and better protection from Chicagoland potholes.

Boo Bicycles has sourced their own tapered alloy forks for the Alubooyah. That means they not only match, with all aluminum parts sporting a gorgeous brushed finish, they’re also lightweight and stiff for tracking through demanding conditions. A massive downtube gusset and a clean-and-stiff press fit 121 bottom bracket ensures your Alubooyah can take a beating.

The Alubooyah fork also features an offset and axle-to-crown length that is suited to fast riding. That way, when running large tires, you won’t feel like you’re piloting a sled. The Alubooyah will still feel fast, even when you’re pushing through inches of fresh powder.

Want to run fenders? Racks for panniers? Front bottles or anything mounts? Flask(s)? Don’t worry, there are mounts galore. This fat bike can truly be ready for anything – in any season!


The Alubooyah is built for versatility. You’ll have your own ways of riding the Alubooyah where no (wo)man has ventured before.

Contact us at Higher Gear so we can help you build your dream bamboo fat bike to suit your specific needs and adventures.

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