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If you’re looking for a truly custom bike, the Seven experience goes well beyond the component choices, the color or even the size of your frame. When you chose a Seven, the entire experience is customized to you – from the moment our experts at Higher Gear sit down with you to discuss your riding style, down to the materials that go into your frame.

Seven Cycles Frame Alignment Table Sola Watertown MA Massachusetts decalsThat’s what most people don’t get. A custom Seven isn’t just about cutting the proper tube lengths. The actual tubesets that are used on your bike are customized for you. The materials chosen and the tubesets’ thickness and diameter are all unique to your size, your geometry and your riding style.

Sure, you get to top off your frame with a color scheme and decals of your choice. And, yes, your bike will have the exact headset, bottom bracket, wheelset and drivetrain you’ve always dreamed of. But, underneath all that, and what others cannot see, is your Seven is truly your own.


One bike. Yours.


Check out what Seven had to say about their customization in their blog post, The Overlooked Awesome, Part 1:

Seven Cycles Watertown MA custom bikes factory titanium tubesCustom is a bad word, not like the ones that get a ten-year-old sent to the principle’s office, but one that can mean too many things, or not enough. The common perception is that a custom bike has custom tube lengths and angles, that a good fit is the primary benefit. But we do so much more to personalize a bike for a Seven rider. Maybe the most important custom element in a Seven is the rider-specific tubeset.

We have riders who are 6 feet tall and weigh 150lbs, and we have riders who are the same height and weigh 250lbs. Each of them wants a comfortable ride that performs well. To achieve similar ride characteristics for each rider we pick a tubeset that accounts for their differences. This seems obvious to us. A custom bike should fit perfectly, of course, but it should also feel perfect, and that means selecting the right tubes for wall thickness and diameter.

With our double and ultra-butted frames, we can go even further in personalizing ride feel for the individual, refining the tubes to make them more compliant and lighter. This is three steps of refinement beyond geometry, and we feel these steps are integral to delivering a real custom bike. Rider-specific is core to our philosophy…


Now take a moment to watch the video that Busy Hands created to capture what goes into the birth of a custom Seven:



One bike. Yours.

Come into Higher Gear so we can get started on your next bike, your bike, your custom Seven.


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