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Road Bikes

What You Need to Know About Road Bikes

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Road bikes are the most efficient form of transportation. This efficiency comes from the aerodynamic position of the handlebars. When you’re on a hybrid bike, mountain bike, or upright-style bike, you’re sitting straight up and taking on the wind. Road bikes put you in a more compact, wind-cutting position. They come in two different styles: racing bikes, which are a little lower on the front end, making them more aerodynamic, and endurance road bikes, which are less so as they’re a little higher on the front end, but more comfortable for longer distances. Both are available at different price points and options to meet your riding needs.

Racing Road Bikes

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If you’re interested in road and criterium training and racing, you’ll need a bike specialized for this purpose — one that’s super light and responsive. The best racing bikes are made out of carbon fiber to make them more comfortable when you ride over bumps, so that the resulting vibrations won’t travel to your back or arms. In addition, racing bikes have a larger bottom bracket that will efficiently transmit your pedal power to the rear wheels. Another piece of equipment you may want to consider is a power meter. Power meters show your power output to help you maximize training and ultimately ride faster.

Criterium Bikes

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Light and responsive, stiff and low to the ground, criterium racing bikes are designed for speed and cornering. The longer stem on these bikes provides greater stability to handle corners well. The extremely light, deep-rim wheels improve aerodynamics, which is also key.

Higher Gear has criterium bike frames by SCOTT, Specialized, Bianchi, and Seven.

Endurance Road Bikes

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Endurance bikes are made for efficient comfort. These light bikes feature comfortable saddles (seats) and absorb vibrations from the road so you aren’t as fatigued. Endurance bikes are ideal for long road rides and races, such as century rides.

Cyclocross Road Bikes

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Cyclocross bikes are made to cover all surfaces (e.g., road, sand, grass, mud, snow, etc.). The frame’s geometry is that of a road bike — more aggressive and aerodynamic — but with knobby tires and greater width in the brake area to handle all surface conditions.

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