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On a Trip

Overnight Trips on Your Bike

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If you are thinking about an overnight trip on your bike, there are some accessories that will make the journey easier. You can start with a simple rack and add some bags to carry clothes and some extras. This is great if you’re staying at a B&B or hotel. If you are camping, you can attach a go-behind trailer to carry gear. They are easy to attach and remove so you can have your bike free to check out the local scene.

Touring Bikes

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Touring bikes are great for camping.
They feature:
• Eyelets on the front fork for rack or fenders
• Attachment points in the back for carrying a rack
• A comfortable steel frame
• A standard traditional wheel set that is easy to be serviced
• A slightly longer wheel base than a traditional road bike, which makes it more comfortable to handle when it’s completely loaded

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