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Boo Bicycles

Boo Bicycles are custom, handcrafted bicycles that are as much a work of art as they are performance machines.


The Birth of the Cool

What began at Princeton University as a class project grew quickly – as quickly as bamboo – into much more. When aerospace engineering student Nick Frey got in touch with James Wolf, a bamboo craftsman who was living in Vietnam after an apprenticeship in Japan, a partnership was born. The two men launched Boo Bicycles in 2009 and have been producing the most beautiful race-worthy bikes ever since.


Boo Bicycle Bike bamboo custom handmade handbuilt Higher Gear Wilmette



Stiff, Light, Smooth – Pick Three.

Boo handcrafts bicycle frames using some of the best bamboo in the world. Tam Vong bamboo, nicknamed “Iron Bamboo,” is stronger by weight than steel and as stiff as carbon fiber in bending, thanks to thousands of longitudinal fibers in each tube.

But this bamboo is more than just stiff and strong. It’s also supple and smooth. This is possible because the thousands of fibers in each tube are surrounded by a damping material, called lignin, that soaks up vibration.

Tam Vong bamboo is also forgiving. The tubes have torsional compliance, meaning they can twist a little bit. This is felt when weaving through a rock garden or down a curvy descent, as the bike confidently follows the line you set and deflects the rest.

Building performance bamboo bicycles is an intensive and lengthy process. If done properly, the rewards of crafting frames using this amazing natural material can be great, producing bicycles that are the best of both worlds: stiff and durable, nimble and confident, lively and smooth.





Hands and Elbow Grease

“With Boo, every joint, every surface is hand made.” Each frame is forged through a lengthy process involving handwork and elbow grease. The result is that each frame is a performance-built machine that is also a work of art.


Boo Bicycle Bike bamboo custom handmade handbuilt Higher Gear Wilmette


Let us at Higher Gear help you start building your work of art. Call us today or stop in our shop and ask us how we can begin to build your Boo.



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